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  1. 9ball101

    New 4 bridged points Cohen cue!

    I own a Cohen And it is my main player. Hell I bought it from you sureman. I absolutely love it. I will definitely have Eddie build me one someday but for now I’m very happy with the one I bought from Don.
  2. 9ball101

    What does pumping the cue over and over up in the air before their shot do for the pros?

    It’s to get the feel of the shot in your mind before getting down on the shot. I do it every shot too.
  3. 9ball101

    Cohen cue.

    Yes sir. I’ve seen all the ones that are currently listed on pretty much every website. Looking for something else. Appreciate the reply.
  4. 9ball101

    Cohen cue.

    Anyone have a Cohen cue for sale. I’ve seen what is listed currently. Looking for something else. If you got one pm me please
  5. 9ball101

    Beating a top 100 player in the world???

    Hey jaden. I’ve been Corey deuel in a local pool tournament. It was only a race to three. I’ve also beat morro paez in a race to 5 local tournament. Not long races and I got pretty lucky. To answer your question I would thing about 5-10 have beaten a too 100 player in competition in this forum
  6. 9ball101

    WTB: Judd JT-4

    I had a Judd JT-4 that I bought when I first started getting into pool seriously. It was stolen a while back from an airport. Anyways, I am looking to buy another one and unfortunately Mr. Fuller is no longer with us, so I can't call him and ask him to build me another one. Anyways, If you do...
  7. 9ball101

    cue repair?

    hey everyone. I just moved to east texas, canton to be exact, and imm looking for someone local to install some tips for me. anyone know anybody around here
  8. 9ball101

    How many pool players here are OTR Truckers.

    So. I just took a job as an over the road trucker. Federal regs now in play make sure we get plenty of time off. So I'll be traveling the US now and figure it would be a good time going to different pool rooms. Anybody else on here an OTR TRUCKER. If so, what's your experience with playing pool...
  9. 9ball101

    Dickie neighbors cue

    Hey guys. I have for sale a Dickie neighbors cue high end. Two shafts that around 12.5 mm. I'm not sure of the weight but it feels a little heavy to me so I'm guessing 19.5 or so. I don't have a scale. It is a gorgeous cue. Text or call for faster response or for more pics. 970-232-5324. 600...
  10. 9ball101

    Mezz cue zz-08

    Hey guys. I have a mezz cue model zz08 for sale. It has 3 small dings in it. It has been my player for a couple years and I just bought another cue so this one must go. It comes with 2 mezz maple shafts. One shaft has a kamui and the other has a tiger Everest. Both shafts are above 12.75 and are...
  11. 9ball101

    Briana satin bem cue

    I have a Brianna custom satin finish birds eye maple cue brand new. Never hit a ball. It's 19 oz and comes with joint protectors shown. It has a cork wrap. Call or text at 970-232-5324. Or pm me here. I'll do 200 shipped usps priority mail on it.
  12. 9ball101

    Mason h cue

    Hey guys. I received a mason h cue in trade. Beautiful cue. I played a tournament with it this weekend and won. It plays good. Comes with standard mason h shaft and an ob shaft with matching ring work. It weighs around 19 oz and shaft is 13 mm and 12.75 for the ob. Let me know if you have any...
  13. 9ball101

    Jd custom tuxedo cue

    Here is a jd custom cue with ebony and ivorine. The figure on the ebony is gorgeous. It is new and Unplayed. Comes with one shaft. Weight is around 19 oz but I don't have a scale to know exactly what it weighs. Looking for Sold sold sold. or it. That is the cheapest I have seen them. I have two...
  14. 9ball101

    Mezz wd700 shafts

    Hey guys. I have two fairly new wd700 shafts. I have decided to go back to standard maple shafts. For sale for $150 a piece cleared on my side thru PayPal or we can discuss payment. One has a Moori medium and the other has a kamui soft. Both are at I shafts. Haven't been turned down. Both are...
  15. 9ball101

    Southwest Shafts

    As the title says. Looking for southwest shafts. prefer 12.5 mm and larger shafts. Have cash ready.
  16. 9ball101

    Supporting those that support the players.

    I was just thinking. There is a lot of companies out there that used to support professional pool now that really don't anymore. As a player, I try to play on or with equipment that comes from companies that support pool tours. I play with a mezz. I have the magic rack and will soon get a...
  17. 9ball101

    Low Deflection vs Standard Deflection Cues

    I know this has been brought up many times but I wanted to add my .02 cents. I have been playing pool about 10 years now. I started for the first five years were all standard deflection cues. My first nice cue I ever owned was a Judd JT-4. I played with that for a while then switched to a...
  18. 9ball101

    Wtb Judd jt4 or bobby hunter cue

    Anyone got a Judd jt4 or any style bobby hunter cue they are wanting to sale. Let me know
  19. 9ball101

    Wtb mezz cue

    Looking for a mezz cue preferably with a wx700 or wd700 shaft. Prefer a zz08 but will entertain any others.