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    3m 77

    I remember seeing a thread about 3m 77 being reformulated and not really usable for pool tables anymore, but I can't seem to find the thread. Is 77 okay to use? If not, what is the right glue to use on a valley 7ft?
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    Rubber bumper

    I had a cue made for me a few years ago. I noticed after a few months that the rubber bumper had cracked and small pieces were coming off. I didn't think it was a big deal, and didn't say anything about it. When it was time for new tips on the cue, I took it back to the guy who made it. He...
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    Another room chasing players away?

    I've been going to a local room twice a week to play with my dad. Earlier this week we showed up at noon, which is when they had been opening. we find a new sign in the window that says they now open at 3pm Monday through Thursday. It also says we are now required to buy two drinks per person. I...
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    Hoo boy

    So I walk into the local pool room to shoot for a while. There's a guy in there covering one of the tables. Having worked a significant amount of time as a mechanic, and having covered every table in this place at least twice, I couldn't help but watch him work. It was a Gandy big G. The table...
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    Help finding an accessory

    I have an old family friend whose hands are deteriorating, which is hindering his came badly. He has extreme difficulty controlling his thumb on his bridge hand and can't make a stable bridge because of it. Does anyone here know of any hand held bridges out there that could help him? Maybe...
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    Not really new to the forum, but I finally decided I was going to participate. I joined originally back in 2011 to answer a specific question about a brand of pool table. I hadn't logged in since. So anyhow, I suppose it's time to introduce myself. I tried to grow up in pool rooms but my dad...