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    Best videos for Mosconi Cup 2010

    User "snookeram" on youtube is now posting the matches IN ONE PIECE--no more having to go through multiple parts to see an entire match. The first match on Day 1 is still in parts (7), and starts here. But after that, they're posted as single videos. Day 1 Match 2 is here.
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    If you can't hit a thing, and feel like an idiot...

    ...then take a six and a half minute break and enjoy this video; you'll think you're the best that ever wuz.... [and be sure not to give up in the first minute and a half--it's after that when the REAL fun starts :) ]
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    Why CTE is silly

    The main reason why CTE is COMPLETE BULLSHIT (and, I’m sure, made up as somebody’s joke to show how dumb people are), is that there’s no discussion in it whatsoever about the PRECISION needed to pocket balls. A recent thread has opened more discussion about it, and one post pointed further to a...