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    Tournament LED light for pool table

    Would you recommend the 9' light or 8' light for a brunswick "super 8" (8.5' table)?
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    2001 Josey Sneaky

    Ben, where are you located?
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    Looking for a solid mechanic in Lafayette, LA

    I am looking to buy a brunswick GC and I would like to have the pockets narrowed a bit when it gets installed. I plan on having Simonis cloth, and would like someone who could either install extended rails, or shims if that would be better and would like to make sure the geometry is correct. I...
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    Anyone having trouble ordering Corey Deuel DVDs

    Is anyone else having trouble getting Corey Deuel's dvds from I ordered the entire set a while back, but it never arrived. I was going to try and contact them, but on the contact page the code to show that you aren't a robot never comes up for me. I tried it in Internet...
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    Correct way to fix split Olhausen rails?

    Leather drop pocket Olhausen tables. Looks like someone has sat on the pocket and busted the rail underneath. What's the correct way to fix this? Rail pocket
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    Black g10 ferrule tip combo

    Anyone have a section of rolled and molded black g10 rod that I can make a ferrule/tip combo from? I didn't see any on Joe B's site, atlas only has green. Thanks!
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    Building wrap area with veneer

    When you are trying to build the area under the wrap with a wooden veneer (as you would a leather wrap) how are you doing the initial back slide glue up to hold the veneer so you can cut the seam? Super glue? Wood glue? 5 minute epoxy?
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    Navigator tips suppliers

    Has anyone found a supplier in the US for Navigator tips yet? I had a customer asking me about them tonight. I don't know if forum rules regarding supplies matters about tips, but you can pm me with info. Thanks!
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    What do you do here?

    Need some advice... I have a booth in a pool room where I perform most of my repair work. A customer of mine came up to me and said a Kamui clear I put on popped off his cue while shooting. This is not a usual occurrence for me and I always stand behind what I do. When he gave me the shaft, I...
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    one cues

    Anyone know anything about One Cues? The one I saw was a gold embossed rose on a black cue, with a not so well done faux leather wrap. They're selling them at a local dealer for about 600, and there's no way I would pay that for what looks to be a cheap Chinese cue. Any info? And I would love to...
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    Billiard Room permanent booth fixture

    Looking for any tips or suggestions. I have worked out a deal with a local pool room to be able to put in a permanent (semi?) booth for repairs. The space is short on depth, but has plenty of shelf capacity. Total space (including walkway) is 54 inches x 10' 4". I was going to put my back to...
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    Finish position for women

    I've taken the Pool School advanced course with RandyG and it really changed the way I play the game. I also had a real good session with Scott Lee, and I am definitely an SPF disciple and believer (more koolaid, please)I try to encourage players who show real interest in getting their game up...
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    Cant find a picture

    I seem to remember there being a picture of the "ghost" at a table somewhere in the forum, but I can't seem to find it. I seem to recall that you couldn't see his face, but he was at the table, either racking or standing at the edge, I don't remember. Anyone know what I'm babbling about...
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    Straight race 9 ball - Jackson, MS 2/28

    This Is It Bar & Grill 9 Ball Tournament February 28th, 2009 Texas Express Rules Race to 5 Winner Breaks Double Elimination Red Circle Cue Ball $25 Entry Fee & $10 Green Fee $250 added based on 16 players Sign up at Noon Calcutta Starts at 2pm Payouts based on 16 players (And this really...
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    Tip install prep

    Do you guys do any tip prep upon receiving your tips? The bar cue tip thread made me curious. I had issues with the lepros having such a wide range of hardnesses in the same box that I started grading the box upon arrival. A friend received several different ways from several cuemakers, but...
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    Another Scott Lee thumbs up thread

    Before I get to the info about Scott, I'll give you a little background. I am a systems administrator and I have a tendency to have to work after hours after my users are gone for the day. I don't get to play as much as I would like as I am now a ripe old 31 years of age (Don't put me out of...
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    Recuts - Points or veneers?

    Okay, a little controversy here. Cuemakers (builders, assemblers, whatever you may be at the moment, however, I'm not looking for resellers, or collectors opinions) what do you think of the recut marketing? Personally, while I know the kind of work involved, and personally, this is what I am...
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    Hanging wood

    Two Questions here: 1) At what point do those of you hang shafts, butts, rounds or squares hange them up? After the first cut, later on? Is there anything wrong with hanging squares immediately after purchasing them, instead of stickering/stacking them on shelves? 2) What is the exact...
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    Tip Hardness Tester

    Does anyone actually use a durometer for tips? I believe I previously saw one on Porper's site, but it doesn't seem to be there anymore, or my memory could be faulty. I'm just curious as to how important true measurements of the tip hardness was to everyone. Anyone have a homemade remedy or...
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    Where's the pic of the wrapless hercek?

    I remember seeing a picture of one of Joel's cues that displayed his handle splice instead of having a wrap. I can't seem to find it, and was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction.