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    Revo 11.8 -->12.4 --> 12.9 impressions

    I have all three Revo shafts. The one I prefer is the 12.4, a happy middle ground. When I use the 11.8 I try shots I do not have the consistency to pull off with heavy English on a regular basis. Just have to keep practicing.
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    Would you go two tables or not??

    Set up my pool room with a 9' GC3 and a 12' snooker table. Had both tables refinished to match. Also have a designated area for darts, trying to decide if I want 1 or 2 boards. Another area for poker or board games. Next week will be setting up a 2 channel stereo and a 85" TV as well to...
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    How many Cues do you own today

    Pool cues; Predator SP4points - Revo 12.4 Predator SP8points - Revo 11.8 Predator 4K4 - Revo 12.9 Predator Air II Jump cue Meucci M1B Sneaky Pete Meucci Power Piston - 2 McDermott M14A Sentinal Raid CS-01 Poison Anthrax 1 Aska L3 x2 I use the Predator SP's to play with. Keeping extra cues...
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    Lucasi vs. Meucci vs. McDermott

    I have 2 newer Meucci cues (previous SP model and a Power Piston 2) and both have a nice hit. Have read many things about Meucci quality but it was worth taking a gamble on the cues as they were hit e few times and looked brand new. Meucci quality reputation got me a great deal on them. Also...
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    What tips and chalk is everyone using?

    Just received a new snooker cue from Green Baize out of UK. Purchased a house brand 3/4 ash cue with a titanium ferrule, 9.5mm tip and 60" long. Have not had a chance to use yet. Not able to try in person, did not want to spend too much (250 pounds) since I may upgrade later. Have always...
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    Should accuracy lines be drawn on pool tables?

    I own some rental properties and have someone looking after them. Their job is to look after the buildings and tenants so I don't have to. I have no interest being day to day hands on with the buildings, which I expect the vast majority of owners feel the same way. A hard set rule for me is I...
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    Mid cue extensions? Yes or no?

    A 58" cue is too short for me, would prefer 60"+. Use a mid extension Balance Rite on my 2 Meucci cues. For my Predator cues I use a 6" rear extension when playing. Remove all the weight bolts gets me to 20-21ozs using Revo shafts. Both solutions are not ideal but will work with what I have...
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    How important is the cue for beginner-novice level?

    A 58" cue is too short for me. Went to a local store and purchased a Predator Sneaky Pete with a Revo 12.4 shaft and a cue extension. I also picked up two used shafts, a 12.9 and 11.8. The 12.9 is not right for me but not sure between the 12.4 and 11.8. I'll figure it out in the next few...
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    Cue weight?

    A 58" cue is too short for me so I use a 6" extension. After removing all internal weight my cues are just under 21oz. They do not feel too heavy as the balance feels fine.
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    Do you move balls using the body of a carbon fiber shaft?

    I don't use the shaft to move balls, prefer not to get bad habits and end up with dents in wood shafts.
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    Darren Appleton Video: "Banned! My Story"

    Straightline, I do not understand why you quoted me since your argument has nothing to do with my post. My understanding from earlier posts meant that WPA and WADA have the right to test players. All the players know this and if they do not want to take a drug test they do not have to...
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    Darren Appleton Video: "Banned! My Story"

    Would his behaviour be acceptable at anybody's place of business. Just because he apologized and others accepted his apology does not mean that the other people involved might have felt frightened by his actions. Throwing a cup, yelling in front of fans and throwing his cue case against a wall...
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    Which is worse? You decide

    The ball colour changes bother me as an annoyance but in the grand scheme of things it is a trivial matter. If Matchroom does a good job new fans will accept the new colours and the proponents of the orange 5 will be forgotten over time. Pool has had a seedy reputation for many decades...
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    Appleton Suspension?

    The biggest television market in the world does not mean anything if there are not enough people interested in watching. At least Matchroom has a chance to get people exposed and possibly interested in pool.
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    Appleton Suspension?

    I like what Matchroom is doing for pool. What major sport does not have standardization of rules. Snooker has tight pockets which makes centuries mean more. I find 9 ball gets boring to watch when the table gets run out after the break too often. Make running the table mean more. Big fan of...
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    Best wax to use for the shaft

    I already have 2 CF shafts to save time on maintaining wood shafts.
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    Last 4 Ever Tip Tool

    Earlier this year I ordered the dime and nickel profiles when the combo was out of stock. Got both at the same cost of the combo with fast free shipping to Canada. Play both pool and snooker so nice to have both profiles. Really easy to shape new tips.
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    Best wax to use for the shaft

    I have been using Lee Valley's microcrystalline Conservator's Wax on wooden shafts. Same formulation as Veritas Tool Wax at the same price. A very small amount on my fingertip using a nitrile glove is all I need. Much cheaper than the Renaissance Wax.
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    I placed an order with Cue Store about 6 weeks ago. Charged for fast shipping with a courier. After 3 weeks tried to call them to see if any issues with the order, was not even able to leave a message. At this point I sent an email asking if my order had not shipped I would prefer to cancel...
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    Dufferin Canada cues - pool cue industry in Canada

    I was talking to an employee at FG Bradley a few weeks ago about Dufferin cues. They told me FG Bradley bought Dufferin (I assume only the name) and they make and sell Dufferin products as a store brand.