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  1. Grandslam

    Best medium tip?

    Ultra Skin medium is a great tip
  2. Grandslam

    Pendulum wave pool balls

    Very Cool!!!!!!!
  3. Grandslam

    What can anyone tell me about

    I'll bite what's a shortstop??
  4. Grandslam

    Is Lucasi coming out with CF shaft???

    I heard that maybe this fall. Anybody else hear anything? Thanks.
  5. Grandslam

    How much Woolite to clean cloth???

    What are ratios of Woolite to water and how is it applied? Thank you.
  6. Grandslam

    Fair price or not??

    Can purchase Diamond 7 footer USED with new Simonis cloth delivered and installed for $5300. I am under impression I can get a new Diamond 7 footer with same as above for $5500. I am not sure, any help?? Thanks
  7. Grandslam

    Putting tips on carbon shafts??

    Can you re tip carbon shafts yourself or must you get someone to do it??? Thank you.
  8. Grandslam

    Glue for cuetips?

    What is the best glue to use when putting on tips? What size tip to order if your cue has a 12.75mm tip? Going to try and do myself, thanks for your time.
  9. Grandslam

    Elbow Drop?

    If you have pendulum swing and you drop your elbow during the swing will the tip hit above or below where you are aiming on the cue ball? What causes scooping the cue ball? Thanks.
  10. Grandslam

    Need Opinions on LD shafts

    Have used Lucasi LD Hybrid shaft for 2 years and am generally pleased but wanting to try out other LD shafts. I like a stiff hit. Was thinking about Predator 314-3 shaft. Any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks.
  11. Grandslam

    Want 12.9 Revo Shaft

    New or Used