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    Another break tip question, sorry.

    I had Schmelke make me up a break cue and I choose a White Diamond tip. It is the same tip I have on a jump cue and I don't like it on my break cue. I am thinking about putting a hard Black Kamui on it that is in my tip box. It is a dedicated breaker and not a jumper. It has what they call...
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    New break cue..

    I got my new Schmelke break cue today. It is 19 ounces and 60 inches long with a 13.25 tip and a break taper and their quick release joint. Has a brown phenolic butt cap, joint caps and ferrule with a White Diamond tip. The butt is rosewood and the shaft is purple heart. A good looking cue...
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    Detroit, again...

    Any one here know of a black guy goes by 'Black Kenney" from Detroit? I'm hearing he is good and a big gambler.
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    Send Team USA to White House!`

    Right now is the perfect time to get some good press for pool and the Mosconi Cup and Team USA. Ask your U.S. Senators to ask the White House to invite them in and thank them for making Pool Great Again in America! Heck ya, go Team USA! Color me as a Patriot!
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    Break cue stuff, again.

    What is the best wood for a break cue shaft, maple, purple heart, etc.? How about the joint? Is the Uni Loc a good choice or another all metal joint? Seems like every one has their preference's on weight and tip diameter.
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    Rassom vs Diamond?

    How does a Rassom table play compare to a Diamond?
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    Berg vs Sky?

    Will we ever see a Berman vs Skylar decider match. Or is it about as far fetched as a Alex vs Dennis match?
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    Smaller pockets

    What is the best way to make the pockets on my 9' Rebco table smaller? Is there a way to make them similar to pro cut 4.5" Diamond pockets? Could Artemis rail cushions like a 9' Diamond has be fit to my table? There are no Diamond tables for sale in Alaska, woe is me.
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    Most difficult 9 Ball Tournament?

    Which Open 9 Ball Tournament is the most prestigious, the most sought after title, draws the toughest competition, the hardest to win, the Holy Grail of all things 9 Ball? U.S Open, China Open, World 9 Ball, International 9 Ball, etc.?
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    Scopping cue ball foul?

    Once again I was stretched out for a draw shot with to long of a bridge and I hit so low on the cue ball with my sorry stroke it jumped over the ball I was aiming at. I told my friend he had ball in hand as there was no way I didn't double hit the cue ball. I don't think it is possible to do...
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    Beat Fats?

    Who among you could of beat Minnesota Fats? I couldn't.
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    Darren, Mika, etc.?

    Has Darren given up on pool? What a talented player. How bout Mika, he was so good also. I don't blame them if they did take a break. Being a pro pool player does not look like fun unless you regularly hoist a trophy full of cash. Gotta be stressful.
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    Break shaft specs

    I have a never ending quest to improve my break. Tell me guys, how big of a diameter should the tip be and what shape is best for the tip? I am looking at a laminated purple heart shaft for a break shaft and thinking of going 13 mm on the tip and 30 inches on the shaft. Open to suggestions.
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    Best One Pocket player?

    Who s the reigning One Pocket King? Is it Dennis, Alex or is there any one else? I keep hoping Shane will venture into the One Pocket arena, but maybe not. How would a prime Efren compare to a prime Dennis or Alex?
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    World Cup of Pool ?

    In the 2019 World Cup of Pool Shaw and Melling teamed up as Team Great Britain. So it does not matter if the two players are not from the same country or citizens of the same country? If that is true and players can country hop to a country they don't live in because they think another player...
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    Gambling and pool

    I don't expect pool to ever be a real popular sport-game, etc. that millions want to pay to watch like they do other sports and I don't ever expect it to be and Olympic sport. For one thing, pool has so many games that are played and called pool, how would one be picked for most pleasing to...
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    Another Meucci

    I was coming back from my weekly dump run the other day and the old down and out strip mall that barely stays open had junk laying on the ground in the gravel parking lot. I spotted a couple of cues and ended up with a 15 dollar Meucci that has a broken ferrule. It just says Meucci on the...
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    Where is Dennis?

    Is Dennis O. taking a much earned break? Don't seem to hear much about him any more. Hope he is well, the guy can play some pool. I would love to see him lead a 5 man Team Pinoy against a Team Taiwan in a 10 Ball battle.
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    What does Las Vegas Open Prove?

    Never ever count the Cold Stone Ice Man out. World Pool Masters, World 9 Ball, Mosconi MVP, Las Vegas Open and many others. He is truly the example of a near perfect professional pool player. Let him and Chang partner up, who wants to play them for the money?
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    "Diamond Dave" Thayer

    Any of you know any thing about a player that went by "Diamond Dave" Thayer? He had a book out called the "Hot Shots Series". I believed he passed on to his reward last winter. Would especially like to hear how good his game was and if any of you played him and what tournaments he won.