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  1. DDiabolico

    Easy 8B puzzle! ( taken from a real match )

    I'd play the 7, bumping the 8 to the top rail (left in the picture), then 1, 2, 6, 5 (playing shape on the 4 depending on where the 8 ended up), 4, 8.
  2. DDiabolico

    What is your hourly fee to play Pool or day pass fee?

    At our pool hall members pay around € 30.00 ($ 30.00) a MONTH for unlimited play time. We have weekly tournaments, tables get recovered once a year, food and drinks are fine. It's not a big place though.
  3. DDiabolico

    Ignore Bait: Highest IQ, Many Questions, Odds makers invited...

    See my post #10. I also thought that it's a simple 50/50 chance but after reading the easy explanation, I fully understand why it's not.
  4. DDiabolico

    Ignore Bait: Highest IQ, Many Questions, Odds makers invited... It isn't that hard to understand when explained correctly.
  5. DDiabolico

    Where do you shoot this from?

    I'll play it from the head string parallel to the cushion in line with the 2 ball. Either top spin or force follow, depends where exactly the contact point on the 9 is.
  6. DDiabolico

    PUI (Playing Under the Influence)

    I would say for someone who got good fundamentals (stance, stroke,...) a few drinks won't matter that much. There will be an impact, but not a significant one, as long as their motoric abilities aren't yet affected. For someone who already has a poor stroke or a bad stance, the impact will be...
  7. DDiabolico

    Do these rules seem confusing to anyone ?

    I'm glad I stumbled upon this thread. I was 100% sure that the cueball has to be played past the head string, hit something (ball, long rail, short rail) and just then it's legal for the cueball to hit a ball behind the head string. The only time I thought that such a shot would come into play...
  8. DDiabolico

    Just got kicked out from tourney

    Don't feel bad for being a good player, that's important. From a TD perspective, I get why they're upset, but completely banning you from the tournament is not the right thing to do. They should have adressed the issue way earlier and find a way to make it enjoyable for everyone. The easiest...
  9. DDiabolico

    Detail of closed bridge

    Snooker players often lock up the cue with their chin, so no need for a closed bridge for more stability. Also, a lot of players are uncomfortable using a closed bridge on thinner shafts or shafts with a conical taper.
  10. DDiabolico

    How many of you practice "Safe" shots? I do this once a week. Robin gave me practice pages.

    As I don't get to play as often as I'd like, I don't really practice playing safe anymore. It's more like that I remember my safety attempts during a game that went wrong and set them up again afterwards and look what I did wrong and what I should've done better.
  11. DDiabolico

    9 Ball Hitting Hard and Hoping as a Strategy

    Wow, those rules are outright ridiculous. Our leagues are played on 9' tables and even the player with the lowest skill level have to play WPA 9-ball rules. There are no handicaps whatsoever and everybody is fine with it.
  12. DDiabolico

    how would you play this situation?

    I see two options: 1. Play the 7 rail first. After contact, cue ball will either float cross table for an open shot on the 2 or bounce off the side of the 11 (?) and travel down table below the 8 for a shot on the 2. 2. Play the 2 with (high)right. It should be possible to get past the 8 on...
  13. DDiabolico

    Tournament LED table light, great for pool rooms Beautiful room/club
  14. DDiabolico

    Sorry Fatboy.... the orange 5 is not coming back!

    Of course Emily is the first person to receive/feel the backlash of the players, the community, the fans and that's how it should be. She's highly involved in everything and she wants to establish and sell a very professional product, therefore she needs feedback from all sides. As for the...
  15. DDiabolico

    Sorry Fatboy.... the orange 5 is not coming back!

    In her defense, Emily did admit that the decision was wrong depending on what the players or the pool fans were used to. What I don't get is why they sat down with Aramtih, designed the new balls, started prduction before even once thinking about what the players/viewers/fans would say about the...
  16. DDiabolico

    Simple Poll Question about organization of Pool USA

    Well that's kind of how it is in Europe now with the EPBF as the governing body above all national associations. The national associations do their own thing in their respective countries, but there's just one set of rules (WPA) enforced everywhere. It's difficult to translate that system to...
  17. DDiabolico

    Possible Cue Butt Straightening Device? (Too warped to turn down)

    How much does the joint lift up the table when rolled? Is it really warped or is it possible that it has been turned down unevenly? A question to the experienced cuemakers. With older butts being a little thicker than what's standard nowadays, would it be viable to turn a warped butt down...
  18. DDiabolico

    What upgrades/changes helped?

    A few things I would change or think about: - If there are other pool rooms in the area where tournaments take place, just go there and look for what's different to what you're doing. Maybe there are established tournaments already that just overlap with yours. - Furniture tables aren't very...
  19. DDiabolico

    Has Europe Passed Asia at Pool?

    The league in Austria is similarily structured like in Germany, but with less bureaucracy throughout. Each county has it's own league, then there's the nation-wide Bundesliga on top with two sub-divisions beneath, all run by the ÖPBV (national association). Every single club in the country can...
  20. DDiabolico

    You can take lessons from the best pro ..

    Niels Feijen for technique and pattern play Alex Lely for technique and mental game Probably Albin for safety play and as sparring partner