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    Viking V2Z, McDermott M65A,JD Custom For Sale

    SOLD SOLD SOLD AZers Please check out my cues for sale on eBay. Cut and Paste the item number JD Custom Cue Leather wrap 2 shafts (121434851208) $349 OBO SOLD Viking Cue V2Z (121434860059) $349 OBO SOLD McDermott M65A The Force Cue Leather Wrap 13mm (121434874401) $309 OBO SOLD Thanks for...
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    Awesome Dan Trogdon Cue

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    Dan Trogdon Ebony Masterpiece

    Simple Elegance by Dan "The Man" Trogdon [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
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    Palmer Cue For Sale on eBay

    AZers please check my eBay auction for a Palmer Cue If the link doesn't work, please search on eBay item # 121236014855 PM me if you have questions or propose trades. Currently looking for 4X8 cue case of equal value. Thanks...
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    For Sale on eBay Lucasi LE-57

    Auction Ended
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    2X4 Leather case for sale on ebay

    AZers check out my auction for a quality Leather 2X4 cue case[/URL] Thanks for looking golfn1 on AZ s-e-tii on ebay
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    FS Dan Trogdon Custom Cue

    Item removed from ebay due to ivory content
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    Beware of ZN418 AKA Zack Pooler

    Fellow AZers beware of dealing with ZN418 Zack Pooler. On Nov. 18 payment was sent to ZN418 for an instroke 2x2 leather case. Initially Zack responded to PMs and/or emails & he apologized for the delay in shipping. Then the story changed to he had his brother ship the case and more than 2 weeks...