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  1. Gramps

    Sad news about Grady Matthews.

    I just got the following message from Grady Matthews daughter and thought it should be passed on to all AZer's. "Hello all. Happy Easter. It is Marie, Grady's daughter. If anyone has anything they want to say to my dad, I would do it soon. He fought really hard through chemo and radiation, but...
  2. Gramps

    Watch the Mosconi Cup Live

    FOR POOL fans unlucky enough not to live in Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, and parts of the Middle East, where the event is live on TV, the entire Mosconi Cup will be available throughout as a live stream through . $15.00 is a excellent price for all sessions...
  3. Gramps

    Where is the WPBA ?

    What's the deal on the WPBA website. I've been trying to get to the website for several months and keep getting a error.
  4. Gramps

    Jean Balukas at the US Open

    When I first saw the players list for the 2010 US Open, I was excited to see that Jean's name was on the list of invited players. Then when I saw the most recent list posted on 9/21/10, I saw that her name had been removed. I can assume that Jean had responded to the invitation to Barry in a...