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    Labor Day weekend, Las Vegas, pool?

    Visiting the fabulous city over this long weekend... I could only sit in casinos for so long, plus I’d rather lose money shooting pool than playing cards/dice/slots. [emoji848] Are there any AzB’ers in Vegas wanting to meet and play some cheap action? Just PM please.
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    Latest video from Max Eberle 140-ball run w/ self commentary

    From "Mad Max's" latest email newsletter... Interesting tidbit about him adopting a high-powered draw break where the cue ball mostly lands farther away but breaks up the rack better. Probably a good approach if you're playing on a nicely maintained fast table?
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    Derby Sale - 50% off Straight Pool Scoring Card app (iOS)

    During Derby City Classic the app Straight Pool Scoring Card Advanced or Pro Edition will be 50% off. Enjoy!
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    Visiting Las Vegas

    Traveling to Vegas for the weekend, would rather lose money playing pool than to the casinos. :D Would like to spend some time at Griff’s and/or Hard Timez to meet fellow AzB folks and play some friendly games, otherwise may check out any weekend tournaments happening over the weekend. PM me...
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    Atlanta 14.1 league or regular players?

    Straight pool is my favorite game even though I am not good at it. But doesn’t seem like there are many players... Anyone in Atlanta that shares the love for 14.1 in a league that’s looking for more people or just wanna meet up and play some? Please PM, thanks. :)
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    ATL players - ring game to support BEF & Dr. Dave's fundraising drive?

    So Dr. Dave and a few others are again matching donations to the BEF through June (thread here). This is something wonderful that Dr. Dave and his pals do each year to support the next generation of pool players and a way to give back to the sport. I was honored to have participated last year...
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    Marietta Billiard Club (Atlanta) closed/moving

    Sad to report that Johnny Archer’s room in Atlanta has closed. It will reincarnate as a restaurant with a new name and have fewer pool tables, located down the same road in a shopping strip, opening in a couple of months.
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    Charity auction benefiting BEF - 2015 Chris Nitti

    To support the current BIlliard Education Foundation fundraising drive, I am listing this beautiful like new Nitti cue on eBay and 50% of the proceeds will be gifted. Please have a look and support a good cause. Thank you.
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    Announcing: Straight Pool Score Card v1.0 (iPhone app)

    Hello Straight Pool fans, If you own an iPhone here's an app to help you keep score easily: Straight Pool Score Card. Version 1.0 is released and available now on the App Store. There are two in-app purchase options: Advanced Edition $1.99 - Disables screen lock. Tracks player's high run...
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    Mosconi Cup chatroom

    Root for your Mosconi Cup team... Chat with other viewers... Or just hang out to see who brings up Dechaine's head size first...
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    Meetup? Play? In Vegas over Labor Day weekend

    Going to be in Vegas over Labor Day weekend with a bunch of friends. Looking to pack my cue along for some pool time, read some good reviews about Good Timez so want to check it out. If you're in town and want to meet up, play a few for cheap or for fun, feel free to PM me. I'm an intermediate...
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    Link Share: Brunswick CEO banks on boats and fitness, not bowling

    ...not billiards, either. :(
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    The Mosconi Cup 2015 ***List of Links***

    Official website from Matchroom Pool. The venue at Tropicana, Las Vegas. Live streaming & replays: WatchESPN/ESPN3 (USA) Livesport (Matchroom partner) YouTube channel genipool14 (replays) Team USA player profiles & social media: Capt. Mark Wilson - Facebook Justin Bergman - Facebook Mike...
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    President Jimmy Carter screened THE HUSTLER

    The man has good taste in movies...
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    The Hustlers on Fox & Friends

    The show is making its way to the mainstream... Mike and Jennifer showing off trick shots and talking about the show...
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    Experimenting with Slack -

    Greetings, Personally I've always been interested in online group messaging tools, ever since the IRC days... So when I read the raving reviews about Slack, I knew I had to try it - creating :-) Unfortunately, Slack is invitation-only since it's meant to be a...
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    Pray for Kaohsiung, Taiwan

    Breaking new: A few if the Taiwanese pool pros are from the southern city of Kaohsiung. Let's hope their lives aren't affected by this tragedy. Please pray for the folks who have lost loved ones in this disaster.
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    Attention Taiwan AZBers - Cues FS save on shipping

    Hi AZBers in Taiwan, I have a friend going to the island in a couple of weeks, and I am sending my Schon with him to sell when he's in Taiwan just to see what the market is like there for used American cues. But if there's enough interest, I'm willing to send more cues with him overseas...
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    Bonus Ball Playoffs Has Made It To ESPN (Link Included)

    It seems ESPN3 is confused about BB and thinks it's 9-Ball... Oops. Screen shot is from the WatchESPN app on Roku.
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    Social Media marketing tips

    Whether you are in the business of live streaming, selling cues, or something else, I think you cannot ignore the impact of social media to reach a wider audience... Here's are some great, simple tips from TheNextWeb that I'd thought to be share-worthy here...