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  1. ritch remo

    Ritch Remo Cases 2x2 & 2x4

    It's been a whilemJust want to share a couple of cases that I came out with these past months. 2x2 and 2x4! Still taking new custom orders. Thanks! ( sorry for the not so great pics was using my tab) Ritch
  2. ritch remo

    FOR SALE : Ritch Remo ostrich 1x1 case $150 USD shipped conus

    Selling this case in mustard color genuine ostrich 1x1 semi soft case. This my personal case when i like to bring my playing cue only. So it is not brand new. Looking to sell for ONLY $150 USD.shipped. Pls . send me a pm if interested I will ship door to door express.thanks.
  3. ritch remo

    FOR SALE : small lot of cues and and cases $275 USD shipped conus

    Selling these assorted cues and a case I own personally and made with genuine ostrich skin. And two hard tube cases. $275 USD shipped conus door to door. Sorry for the pix will try somehow to get better ones. thanks!
  4. ritch remo

    FS: Capone cue 4 pointer fancy player

    Mike Capone custom player 4 long and sharp gaboon ebony Pont's with ivory spear tips into a very elegant Purple heart forearm, cue has PH buttsleeve. Cue weighs 19.60 oz on shaft #1 19.15 oz on shaft #2 Ferrule is Capone proprietary material Black phenolic joint and shaft...
  5. ritch remo

    FS: used Ritch Remo ostrich 1x1 case $ 150 USD shipped

    Selling this now without the cue if someone needs a case only. $150 USD shipped conus! Western union payments only. Case is ostrich genuine skin in mustard. Has a detachable pouch for your accessories. Case is used. Cheers Ritch
  6. ritch remo

    Ritch Remo 1x1 cue and case

    the cue has quilted or light bird's eye forearm and sleeve. 4 rosewood points with a pearloid inlay inside the points not sure of the material if its indeed pearloid. The joint is stainless, with ringworks a,b,c,d,.....ringworm is purple heart outside then a bloodwood and white phenolic for the...
  7. ritch remo

    Ritch Remo 1x1 cue and case

    Closer view of the cue.
  8. ritch remo

    FS Ritch Remo 1x1 case and cue package

    Selling this as a package. A grab-n-go case in genuine mustard color ostrich skin. Fits one butt 1 shaft, case has a detachable pouch. my cue which is an old Adam. Cue weighs around 19 to 19.2 oz, 57 inches overall length. Has a unique joint pin. Quick release but thick threads. Very solid...
  9. ritch remo

    FS Ritch Remo 1x2 Urban Gent case

    Hello good folks of AZ Been a while, want to post a case I made and just sitting around here for a while. Its made of black nubuck leather. 1x2 has some tooling on the flap and strap tabs. $150 USD shipped CONUS. Will only accept western union payment. Thanks!
  10. ritch remo

    2x4 Ritch Remo Gentleman's Case "Ikarus"

    Specs: -2 butts, 4 shafts -fully hand-tooled, saddle stitched by hand -4"x8" detachable zipped pouch -weighs 2.13 lbs Thanks everyone! Ritch Remo (+63) 915-814-2655
  11. ritch remo

    Ritch Remo 2x4 case for a Spanish player

    hi everyone it has been quite a while since i last posted here. this case is a 2x4 built and had already been delivered to a player in Barcelona, Spain whom i believe is an active AZ member. kudos to the owner who was very patient with me. the tooling design is a concept request by the...
  12. ritch remo

    Ritch Remo "Primo" 3x3 custom made case

    hi everyone thought i'd share another case that i delivered last month for a client based here in the Philippines. thanks guys! 3 butts 3 shafts 16 inch zip pocket scroll border tooling saddle stitched and riveted assembly strap pad soft interior buckle and billet closure veg-tanned...
  13. ritch remo

    Black Bird Case? Does it have wings to fly?

    Here's a new hot case I came up with after being inspired by the black bird usually found in North America. :D No, it doesn't have the wings but it will take you to heaven because of its elegance and beauty.:thumbup:
  14. ritch remo

    Ritch Remo's Awesome Old Soft Case for NBC

    I once posted this case here but here's a better collage:D NBC commissioned me to make him one with a dragon design and here's what I came up with. :D
  15. ritch remo

    The red-winged black bird 2x4 ritch remo case

    Does it have wings? No, it doesn't have wings but surely, it will take you to heaven because of its elegance, beauty & simplicity. Brand: Ritch Remo Exotic Line Size: 2x4 Envelope Case Leather: Genuine ostrich/ Cowhide leather Design: Sheridan tooled overlays Exterior: --Saddle stitched/...
  16. ritch remo


    BRAND NEW GENUINE OSTRICH CUE CASE 2x4 by Ritch Remo-$10 per spot -genuine real ostrich skin (green) -holds 2 butts and 4 shafts -34 inches long -riveted and hand stitched assembly -fully lined with beige color calfskin lining leather -veg-tanned strap tabs and sling strap in vintage brown...
  17. ritch remo

    SALE!!!! Genuine Ostrich 2x4 Cue Case!! SAVE $300

    Ostrich Skin 2x4 cue case is now on it's slashed-off price. The posted price is $750 usd free shipping but since I will be coming out with a black and mustard 2x4 version of this case line, the price is now on sale at $450 usd shipped (CONUS). This is a steal price :thumbup:. Own an a...
  18. ritch remo

    Exotic Ostrich Cue Cases available in black and mustard

    I can make this case in black or mustard ostrich. Pricing may vary depending on the case sizes, 1x2, 2x2 and 2x4. Contact me or send me a PM here for orders and inquiries. Thank you! Ritch
  19. ritch remo

    HOT!!!! Genuine Ostrich 2x4 case by Ritch Remo

    Here is a full body look of the case! Enjoy!!:smile: Thanks ritch
  20. ritch remo

    Hot Genuine Ostrich 2x4 by Ritch Remo

    Hi everyone! Here is another one hot off my bench. Took me a while as genuine ostrich skins are harder to manage. But loved every challenge i encountered building this 2x4 Gent case. I named this case "Kalikasan". In Filipino language this means "Nature". We did not use any...