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  1. Jason Koopman

    Incardona and Mathews 1994 Cues

    Bill was playing with a Cognoscenti and Grady was using a Schon.
  2. Jason Koopman

    Morra vs Styer - race to 25 10 ball

    Who won? Looks like the stream cut off before they were finished.
  3. Jason Koopman

    Happy Birthday Jay Helfert

    Hope you have a great one. Thanks for your contributions to the sport and forum!
  4. Jason Koopman

    R.I.P Len Jaszewski

    I am saddened to report the Loss of Len Jaszewski, a terrific player, instructor, ambassador of pool, and fantastic person. R.I.P my friend Jason
  5. Jason Koopman

    Midnight Madness

    Anyone know who the top finishers were in the Midnight Madness event?
  6. Jason Koopman

    New Year pool resolutions

    With 2012 coming to an end, what would you like to do in 2013 for your game? My primary pool resolution will be to simply play more and I think I will see Gene for a perfect aim lesson.
  7. Jason Koopman

    Snake skin wraps

    Snake skin wraps don't seem too common. What are your thoughts? Good wrap material or one that should be avoided?
  8. Jason Koopman

    In honor of Grady

    As the pool industry mourns the loss of Grady, I thought it would be neat to start a thread honoring him with some stories. Any one have some they wish to share?
  9. Jason Koopman

    Thanks for the free stream at the SBE

    Just wanted to give a big thanks to Inside Pool Magazine, all sponsors, Upstate Al and everyone else who sat in the booth. I apologize upfront as I know I can't thank everyone by name, so again thanks for the stream. Great pool, great production and commentary at it's finest. I enjoyed it...
  10. Jason Koopman

    R.I.P Larry Price

  11. Jason Koopman

    Runde cues

    I posted this is the cue review section but got to thinking it may belong here since I'm not doing the reviewing. I now that the craftmanship is top notch but I would like some opinions of how they play. Stiff or soft hit? Forward or rear balance. Butt diameter thick or thin? Also I am an not...
  12. Jason Koopman

    Runde Cues

    I searched the for a review for Bob's cues, but couldn't find any. I know his work is top notch, but how do they play? Stiff or soft hit? Forward Balance etc.. Handle thickness.. Thanks in advance
  13. Jason Koopman

    Steve Cook

    Any good stories of Steve? I never met him, but seemed like a heck of a nice guy with a pleasant demeaner (only watched him in videos). I know he was a great one pocket player, but his name doesn't seem to come up as often as some of the others. I enjoyed watching him play, unfortunately he was...
  14. Jason Koopman

    Happy Birthday Billy Incardona

    Happy B-day to a great commentator, player and person.
  15. Jason Koopman

    Inexpensive starter cues.

    I'm looking for some very inexpensive cues for a friend. The catch is they really need to be around the $35 limit. I have seen similar threads but I wanted to get some opinions of the following cues. Rage, Dufferin, Elite, Viper, and Axion. Any of the above seem to stand out above the others...
  16. Jason Koopman

    Is there a difference?

    Years ago I remember reading a comment by a cue maker stating that he likes the hit of a cue with points "of some kind" as opposed to a plain jane. Do you agree there is a difference?
  17. Jason Koopman

    How ofren do you change your tips?

    As the tiltle inquires, how often do you change your tips? I personally don't change them until I need to, unless I don't like the feel or get a bad one. I like my tips to get "broken in". Obviosly there are determining factors such as how much (if any) you prefer cut off when the tip is...
  18. Jason Koopman

    Happy Birthday Jay Helfert!

    Happy B-day Jay and thank you for your contributions to the sport and forum!:smile:
  19. Jason Koopman

    Happy Birthday Joey A and Bigtruck.

    Hope you both have a wonderful day and thanks for your contributions to the forums (and live stream).:)
  20. Jason Koopman

    Lepro Tips

    What method do you guys use to select a good Lepro. I did a search and found some good advice such as choosing ones with a smooth back, using 15mm as they are cut from a different section, sanding the back, dropping them in water and dicarding the floaters. I will try these methods, but are...