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    F/S Radial Pin Joint caps 3 pc set

    I have a set of 3 pieces - in Radial Pin thread - made of Ebony with a Turquoise ring in each . Customer ordered the wrong size and returned them. I do accept pay pal payments thanks much for looking pipe1976 / Lonnie Sold thanks for looking !
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    F/S Uni-Loc caps BEM-Ebony w/ ring

    For Sale 1 - 2 piece set of cue caps for Uni-Loc Quick Release Made from Birdseye Maple upper with a Ebony Base with a silver ring inlaid in the Ebony . Price is 15.00 and can be shipped anywhere in the USA for 3.00 Thanks for looking pipe1976 / Lonnie
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    Ausable Inn Takes another title

    Northeast Michigan , After takeing the season championship in a strong league, they went to the Northeastern Championship last weekend and won again . They lost thier first match vs a very strong Desi's team but went the rest of the day and night without another loss to beat the Oscoda...
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    FS Cue caps Radail Pin Ebony and Turquoise

    Hello , I have a set of Radial Pin caps that someone had ordered then once they got them realized they had told me the wrong theard . They had turned out so nice that I sure someone here at A to Z will need them for their cue . I have to get 16.50 for the 2 pc set but I can make more...
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    WTS joint caps for Radial Pin

    I have a 2 piece set of Rosewood joint caps for Radial Pin they are Rosewood with double Silver and Black rings on each side of a Redwood Burl ring . They were ordered in the wrong size I will let them go for 17.50 + shipping A very good price for this thread size!
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    FS Cue caps Radail Pin Ebony and Ivory

    I have this set that was on a cue that sold but they did not want the caps . They are a beatiful set made of Ebony and Ivory with a dash ring in same . the thread are Radail Pin and they are a 3 piece set . Normaly I don't make this type of High End caps but they were for a very speical cue ...
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    cue caps 5/16-14 w/p Lignum Vitae

    I have a 2 piece set of Lignum Vitae that were returned due to the wring thread size ordered , so they did not fit his cue when he tried them on it . They are made of Lignum Vitae and have a thin Ivory color ring and a Ebony Base they are 5/16-14 with/pilot. The set is a 2 piece set but...
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    FS Joint Caps Kingswood w/Marble

    For Sale 2 piece set 5/16-14 w/p .860 Dia. Made of Kindswood with Marble Ring in my style #4 Made for a person who changed his mind - so here they are for $15.00 deliverd anywhere in the USA Mainland thanks Lonnie
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    Joint caps \ custom made

    Hello All , I was cleaning out some drawers today and found a few sets that had been ordered but never paid for , So to clear out old stock I have these that are made and ready to ship, Pictures of all for to see . I have a 3 piece set of 5/16-14 w/p in Ebony with a silver ring 13.50...
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    Joint caps \ custom made

    Hello Everyone , My name is Lonnie Wilber most everyone knows me as "pipe1976" and I have been building custom caps for many years now , mainly on ebay but I have alot of followers that are members here as well as Ebay . They have asked me to start offering my sets on here also. I...
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    Carambol -cue What thead pin

    I have a Carambol cue with a Wood pin from the shaft and want to make a set of J/P's for it but I am not sure of the thread. Can you help me with this ? thanks