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  1. Shiftysmooth

    Portable repair lathe?

    Thanks! And agreed, my old toolbox lathe could do most repairs except crazy precise work, I did crack repairs, tenons, ferrules, tips. Working on funds to get back into this, so not sure what my time frame is right now. Planning on selling my Goldwing so may be a little bit when it gets warmer.
  2. Shiftysmooth

    Portable repair lathe?

    Been a long time, but thinking about getting back into the repair game. Unfortunately sold my toolbox lathe (check history) with years of tools years ago. I'd once again be the only mechanic in like a 30 mile radius, but would like the option of having something portable, but not a crap Ebay...
  3. Shiftysmooth

    Cool pic you guys might like

    Just sharing a picture my wife took of me shaving off a ferrule I thought turned out well.
  4. Shiftysmooth

    Diamond tips?

    I currently have a customer who is insistent on getting a "Diamond Medium" tip, but the only thing I can find is a Blue Diamond from Brunswick, which seem to be a soft tip. Anyone have any idea what tip I need to be looking for? And its not for a break cue, I have White Diamonds.
  5. Shiftysmooth

    My weekend find =D

    My dad bought some old cues he wanted me to retip so the grandkids can play on his table, but I had to give him a couple old Sportcraft cues I had already tipped in trade for what I found that he had bought. They are all in pretty good condition and was wondering if you guys thought they...
  6. Shiftysmooth

    How bad are the charges going to affect Barringers reputation?

    In case you somehow missed the story in the main forum: Ive got a set of his vids on the way because a lot of people say they're really good, but I was just wondering other guys thoughts...
  7. Shiftysmooth

    My Toolbox Lathe

    Finally posting up some pics of my toolbox lathe and Bill the cat custom cue. Im a complete first timer when it comes to working with a lathe, and doing cue repair, but this lathe fits all my needs to a T! Bassel (or Customcuelathe) has been great to work with to get this, and this is the...
  8. Shiftysmooth

    Is this motor a good deal?

    Thinking about picking it up to use for my building set up. Just wondering thoughts if its a good deal? Sorry, forgot to put the link. *facepalm*
  9. Shiftysmooth

    So apparently Pooldawg tested some tips By their standards, the Le Pro should be the best jump/break (edit) *leather* tip ever made, does this make any sense?
  10. Shiftysmooth

    Average investment to be build ready?

    Hey guys, Ive talked a bit about this in messages with Chris Hightower and Bill the Cat, I was just wondering what your average investment in getting a build ready lathe setup with a mid size lathe or tsp&b pro lathe? I intend on getting into building in the future, but for now plan on cutting...
  11. Shiftysmooth

    Help with cue ID

    Shaft pics
  12. Shiftysmooth

    Help with cue ID

    My dad picked this up at an auction for $2. No markings of any kind, slight roll, youll see in the pics the shaft collar is slightly off, but still hits really well. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what it is. Thanks!!
  13. Shiftysmooth

    Anyone on here in the Kansas City area?

    I live in Lawrence and we dont really have anyone that does decent cue repair to my knowledge, but there are a lot of players here (me being a regular lol!) Ive been interested in getting into cue repair and future cue building, but was wondering if anyone local to me was on here to maybe clue...
  14. Shiftysmooth

    Is it possible to get a decent custom cue for the money Im gonna spend?

    Ive been playing seriously for about 3 years now and time to move on from my players cue, as the butt has broken on it anyway. I have a bonus Im getting in a couple weeks and pretty well set on getting a Poison Anthrax AX-6 ( with a Kamui black soft...