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  1. Meezer Girl

    20 dollar chalk?? What’s the world coming to?

    The one time I purchased "lasts long, don't have to chalk between shots, no dust, etc" chalk I found that it dried out my tips so I gave it away and haven't been tempted away from my Master since.
  2. Meezer Girl

    Skyler Woodward vs Aloysius Yapp (2021 Diamond Las Vegas Open) *LIVE*

    after watching both players in previous matches, I expected Omar to win....just didn't take advantage of Wu's mistakes and made too many of his own - just my 2 cents
  3. Meezer Girl

    Age Related Decline

    looks like I forgot how to make a comment
  4. Meezer Girl

    Age Related Decline

    I have a left sciatica that can get pissed off if I'm not careful....pain killers are useless because you "break through" them...2nd opinion doc sent me to physical therapy and 1 exercise in particular (that you can do standing up) took away all the pain by the second day (after 2 weeks of...
  5. Meezer Girl

    What sets of Aramith balls are compatible with the red circle CB?

    I want to upgrade my set of balls that we use on bar league nights instead of having to play with mis-matched balls. I see discussions about how you have to use "this CB with this set of balls - you shouldn't use that CB with that set of balls" etc. etc. We ONLY use the red circle CB.
  6. Meezer Girl

    San Diego Players - BCA - 14.1, 1P & 9B "military" Divisons

    I am a BCA League Operator in San Diego. We already have 8 & 9 ball divisions and a "military" 9 ball division (for active duty, retired & civil service only). The military division plays out of Admiral Robinson Rec Ctr which is on the "dry side" of 32nd Street Naval Station on 4 totally...
  7. Meezer Girl

    California Pool Players Tour - $1000 added Nov 6 & 7 On Cue Billiards

    2nd stop in So Calif will be Nov 6 & 7 On Cue Billiards $1000 added 8308 Parkway Dr La Mesa, CA (San Diego) Clyde 619-463-8759 this stop will be streamed You can sign up with Clyde or on-line at or with Fran 619-871-0151 Please visit their website or email Vince...
  8. Meezer Girl

    Calif Pool Players Tour $750 added Family Billiards Sept 25 & 26

    Family Billiards 2807 Geary Blvd San Francisco,CA 415-931-1115 Sept 25 & 26 $750 added Any questions please visit or email Vince Bramwell at
  9. Meezer Girl

    California pool players tour - college billiards 9-18 & 19 $1500 added

    New tour in California Please check out their website or call Vince "Paul" Bramwell 925-395-3838 or email at Entry fee (based on Pro-A-B-C) is reasonable & the format is very fair. Several stops have been played in Northern...
  10. Meezer Girl

    Ant calif players: California pool players tour

    There is a new tour in California that we need to support so it can grow. Please check out their website to get all the info you need or call Vince "Paul" Bramwell 925-395-3838 or email him at Check out the list of participants so...
  11. Meezer Girl

    Suggestions: adding a "military" division to my BCA league

    I already have an 8 ball & a 9 ball division in my BCA league and have been asked to put together something for a rec center aboard one of the local Naval bases. Love to. I have not been aboard the base to see the rec room but they have 9 foot tables that need some work that is supposed to be...
  12. Meezer Girl

    Atn: Cesar Morales

    Did you recently move to San Diego from Ill/Wisc ?? Please send me PM - I have an offer you may be interested in :)
  13. Meezer Girl

    BCA 9 Ball now in San Diego

    I finally was able to "create" the time to promote & organize a 9 Ball Division for my Metro BCA Pool league (which is 8 ball). We had our "start up" meeting last night to vote on some miscellaneous items/rules and play will start next Wednesday. We're starting with 9 teams - 3 teams each at...
  14. Meezer Girl

    ATN San Diego players

    I am the operator for a BCA 8 ball league. I am adding a new 9 ball division & have 4 pool halls lined up as hosts for teams. Anyone interested in joining please PM or call my cell 619-871-0151 Thanks, Meezer (Fran)
  15. Meezer Girl

    Need Contact Info for realkingcobra

    anybody have a phone number for Glen ??? Thanks
  16. Meezer Girl

    DCC - Stories, Experiences & Memories

    Just wanted to say "Thank You" to everyone who has posted their very interesting & entertaining stories, thoughts & experiences at DCC. Looks like everyone had a great time. Also appreciated the streaming when I was able to watch. I'll definitely schedule some vacation time so I can attend...
  17. Meezer Girl

    AZers at Swanee Feb 7 & 8 - who will be there?

    According to different posts it looks like the following AZers will be there Mark Griffin - originator, sponsor, participant, TD helper Jay Helfert - TD DogsPlayingPool CrownCityCorey CharlesUFarley dabarbr frankncali hilla_hilla Meezer Girl Melissa Herndon MexPoolPlyr poolhustler 2rgrbn...
  18. Meezer Girl

    DCC - reduced airfare

    FYI - Southwest Airlines is having reduced airfare during the DCC dates. Max fare was $109 one way
  19. Meezer Girl

    Airfare special

    FYI - I saw an ad in yesterday's paper advertising reduced airfares that are in effect during the DCC dates It was Southwest Airlines - the max fare was $109 one way - I don't know what areas of the country they cover but might be worth checking out if you don't already have tickets
  20. Meezer Girl

    ATN: Jay H & Fatboy - 13th Annual "Swanee"

    "Swanee" tournament at Hollywood Billiards Feb 7 & 8 Hi Jay, Will you be TD again ?? Hi Eric, Can you please see if Johnny will be attending again this year (he won last year). Would be great to have him there again. Thanks, Fran