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  1. Ironman317

    Action jump/ break cue FS

    i have an Action jump/ break cue for sale. it has about 10 hrs of play in it. it's 19oz with a phenolic tip/ ferrule combo. i will take SOLD shipped for it. i do not have a pic of it, but here is exactly what it looks like. thanks.
  2. Ironman317

    2007 Josey SP w/ 2 shafts

    this is a great cue! its a 2007 josey sp with 2 shafts. the cue is bem with cocobola points and holly inlays in the buttsleve. it has cocobola rings in the shafts and below the joint and butt. both shafts have moori hard tips on them. one of the shafts has less than 5 hours of play. everything...
  3. Ironman317

    Josey Cue For Sale

    here is a nice 2008 Josey sneaky pete with a lizard skin wrap that i have decided to sell. it has a bem forearm with cocobola points and cocobola butt. the shaft is 13mm and has a talisman medium-hard tip on it. there are some small blemishes near the points, but nothing hardly visible. the cue...
  4. Ironman317

    2009 louie roberts award goes to....?

    who do you think should get the louie roberts award for 2009? i think it should go to jason kirkus. not only did he drop around 50k, he showed enough gamble to travel 700 miles with 2 B players and kept them and himself in action all week. what are your thoughts?
  5. Ironman317

    Cisero Murphy v. Luther Lassiter Video

    found this on youtube and thought it was worth sharing. its from 1966
  6. Ironman317

    Viking Jump/ Break Cue FS- Great Deal

    1 1/2 year old stained charcoal gray Viking jump/ break cue. shaft has a phenolic tip . cue weighs 19.4oz and is dead straight together and apart. cue breaks a ton and jumps with ease. quick release on both joints. asking $125 shipped. thanks.
  7. Ironman317

    schon for sale...very nice

    i have decided to sell my schon since i got a new josey for christmas. the schon is about 1 1/2 years old and in excellent condition. it has a bem forearm, cocobola points and butt piece, 12 ivory inlays (4 above the wrap and 8 below it) and triple rings above and below the wrap and above the...
  8. Ironman317

    Question about a spot...

    if you are giving someone the call 6, call 8 and the last 3 and the 6,8 and 9 are left on the table...if they call the 6 in the corner pocket and slop it in the side...should that count? its the "call" 6, but it was also one of the last 3...just curious. this came up tonight while watching two...
  9. Ironman317

    Results For B&M Promotions Tourney in Clarkesville, GA.

    there were 25 players at sticks in clarkesville, ga. for the B&M promotions amateur tournament yesterday. the top 4 places were paid. here are the results. 1) jim jennings 2) david shadden 3) sam tush 4) billy tyler
  10. Ironman317

    Bartram v, Dechaine CANCELLED!

    something about dechaines backers decided to back out at the last minute. they did lose 1k in post money though. this really sucks for the TAR guys after all their hard work.
  11. Ironman317

    whats the most you ever been aired for?

    the most i have ever been aired for was $1000. the guy handed me 2 sticks when we were done. took me 4 months to sell them both and i ended up getting about $400. but, i took my loss as a valuable lesson....always post up the money.