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  1. John Novak

    Jumping a ball in 14.1

    Even tho you almost never see it , jumping a ball in straight pool is legal. Im curious as to what your views are on that subject..In the 43 years Ive been playing this game Ive only seen 1 person jump a ball and that was Earl against Lasiter. If Im not mistaken, his response was "Is that...
  2. John Novak

    World Cup Of Pool

    Why does the UK get 2 teams in this event while everyone else only get 1 team entry
  3. John Novak

    Virtual Pool 4 Is Now Released

    Virtual Pool 4 OnLine Registration is now open to everyone (means you don't have to purchase VP4 to get online). You can register for free Best Pool Simulator Ever !!!!!!!! FREE TO PLAY
  4. John Novak

    Virtual Pool 4 Online Partial Beta Release

    Public Beta is partially open. Players who have accounts can now access online play. To get the client: Log into your account Press the pencil icon under the player picture to bring up the account information. Press the Download Game button If you do not have a player name, please add one.
  5. John Novak

    Virtual Pool 4 Sunday Snooker LIVE STREAM

    Starts 2:30 pm EST
  6. John Novak

    Daz vs Dennis Tar Results

    Im suprised with all the hype for this match, that no mention of the results for day one
  7. John Novak

    2014 Mosconi Cup Pick

    Time for a change. Some new blood and hunger for a victory 1. SVB 2. Oscar Dominguez 3. Landon Shuffet 4. Jeremy Sossei 5. Scott Simonetti Coach Tony Robles
  8. John Novak

    Virtual Pool 4 Online

    Virtual Pool 4 Online Testers having some fun playing 9Ball. Excellent pool simulator [ Let us know what you think
  9. John Novak

    WCOP Saturday Stream

    Stream for Saturday Enjoy:cool:
  10. John Novak

    Steinway House Pro's

    Watching the stream last night I heard talk about Manny bringing SVB and Hatch aboard as House Pros along with Earl.... Can you imagine those 3 as House Pros. Talk about the ACTION that will bring to Steinway.... Players will be tripping over themselves to get at these 3. Great business move on...
  11. John Novak

    POVPOOL Stream

    They have switched stream to Ustream was acting up too much
  12. John Novak

    BCA FREE stream in Vegas

    POV Pool are streaming the BCA Championships the best way to watch is here
  13. John Novak

    Voice Chat for AZ Billiards

    I wonder if anyone has ever tried using a Voice Chat platform such as Paltalk. You can use both text and or voice and cover a great deal of subjects at the same time. I bet the conversations and debates would be quite different than what on a text forum alone. Id be interested in the views on...
  14. John Novak

    Pool rules quiz for referees and players, with Bob Jewett

    How many of you have ever taken this quiz, It would be interesting to see how well you do. there are some tricky calls in this, so be honest and see how well you can "Make The Call" Have Fun and Dont Cheat:grin: ' Here are the...
  15. John Novak

    Pro Players that deserve RESPECT

    What Pro Players do you feel lead a clean life in both Pool and their own personal life. These are the players that deserve Total Respect
  16. John Novak

    Bonus Ball LA vs Miami

    free stream just starting 3pm est
  17. John Novak

    West Coast Challenge / 10-Ball Matches being played

    Sunday 10-ball matches: Live stream starts at 12:00 noon PST. All races to 8. 1. Darren Appleton vs Thorsten Hohmann 2. Mike Davis will play the winner of Appleton/Hohmann. 3. Dennis Orcullo (in the hotseat) will play the winner of Davis' match. Thanks to...
  18. John Novak

    Shred a Pool Table

    When You're Behind the 8-Ball, Shred it! ...............
  19. John Novak

    Road Hustler Website

    Slick website pointing out pool rooms
  20. John Novak

    Audio interview with Kid Delicious

    Click the link and have a listen