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    My friend jimmy is fighting cancer right now and needs your help he a long time member on this forum goes by JimmyL if you could please look at this link ty
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    Harry Richards

    For those that don't know Harry Richards the custom cue builder has passed away
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    pool room for sale in Daytona Beach FLA

    POOL ROOM FOR SALE Daytona Beach, FLA 6,500-sq-ft.stand-alone building,with same owner for 35 years. 17 pool tables 10- seat poker table 12ft English snooker table Air hockey,Foosball,outdoor ping pong, and basketball Billiard line of supplies and large display area with 200 cues,cases,ect...
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    fs Harry Richards cue

    Here is a custom cue by Harry Richards.Radial pin cue 4 point bocote into birdseye maple.Bocote butt sleeve with minor dings and scratches .Joint material is brownish red phenolic with fancy index ring work. Butt cap is brownish red phenolic with fancy index ring work. Cue has a brown and white...
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    harry richards cue

    what's this harry Richards cue worth
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    help with a radial pin shaft

    I recently bought a cue with a radial pin in it I have a radial pin predator shaft with a plastic insert it seems to fit but you really have to use some force to get it on I also have radial pin predator shaft with no plastic insert that fits fine my question is how can I get to fit better...
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    can anybody guess what kind of cue this is?

    does anybody know what cue maker made this cue sorry about pics my first time taking pics of a cue
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    anybody from fla going to dcc and need a roommate

    looking for a roommate to split the cost of the hotel at dcc I can't find anybody where I live that want's to go just thought I would ask here maybe somebody need s roommate for dcc send me a pm if you are interested man do I feel like a loser asking this but I love pool and always have wanted...
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    WTB a pool case

    looking for a 3x5 3x6 3x7 for about a $130-$200 does not have to be leather Featuring high impact tubes, moisture resistant linings and water proof seals send a pm to me or leave me a reply here
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    A first time buyer

    whats the best way to go about trying to buy a cue from the net I don't think it is fair for him to send me the cue first with no feedback here and for me to send him the money first with only 1 sale if you could please help me come up with a way to go about buying this cue I am open to any...