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  1. PistolPat

    5/16x14 piloted shaft for sale

    Standard maple shaft 12.71mm 4.17 ounces Black collar with single silver ring Piloted joint Pressed le pro tip Rolls straight Slight taper roll No chips, dents, cracks, etc 40.00 usd shipped
  2. PistolPat

    Want to trade regular maple 5/16x14 shaft

    Shaft no longer for trade
  3. PistolPat

    Looking for viking quick release shaft

    In search of a viking quick release shaft. Must be straight no uneven taper, black collar, 12mm or higher. Regular maple shaft Sent from my LG-LG870 using Tapatalk
  4. PistolPat

    carbon fibre rod wanted for break shaft

    pm me. looking to get a foot long worth of carbon fibre solid rod at least 15mm dia Sent from my SPH-D710BST using Tapatalk 2
  5. PistolPat

    practically new ob classic 5/16x14

    i have an almost totally brand new ob classic 5/16x14 with black collar with single silver ring. Its piloted and has no dents no scratches etc. its like new and dead straight. I had a pressed elkmaster installed at time of purchase and then i shot with it for only a few hours. im selling it...
  6. PistolPat

    someone was looking for a predator jump? Sent from my SPH-D710BST using Tapatalk 2
  7. PistolPat

    Need a Viking quick release shaft

    looking for a regular maple viking quick release shaft new or used at full specs and straight. pm me with what you have and your price thanks Sent from my SPH-D710BST using Tapatalk 2
  8. PistolPat

    ob shafts for sale like new

    i have 2 barely used ob shafts for is for 5/16x18 viking flat faced joint plain black collar and the other is 5/16x14 black collar with single silver ring piloted joint. asking 130.00 shipped. price is firm no trades Sent from my SPH-D710BST using Tapatalk 2
  9. PistolPat

    wtb ivorine iv solid rod

    looking to get around a 6 inch solid rod of ivorine iv for ferrules . pm me with what u have and ur pricing. thanks Sent from my SPH-D710BST using Tapatalk 2
  10. PistolPat

    Viking cue, OB-Shafts for sale

    these are on ebay and are available for sale. type these in on the search and youll find my posts Sent from my SPH-D710BST using Tapatalk 2
  11. PistolPat

    Mezz ACE 805, Mezz Extension, Falcon, Viking Cue

    I will be posting up complete specs and pics tonight for my buddy. He's a member on this site but I'm more knowledgeable at posting pics on here than he is so he asked me if I could help him out. 1. Cue Make/Model : Mezz ACE 805 Joint Type : Wavy Joint Butt Weight : 14.55 oz ( No...
  12. PistolPat

    5/16x14 Predator, OB-1 (x2 ) for sale

    PICS PICS PICS...Finally..sorry
  13. PistolPat

    5/16x14 Predator, OB-1 (x2 ) for sale

    The OB shaft with just the logo is as follows 12.60mm at tip of ferrule and 12.66 right below ferrule 3.45 oz in weight with porper 12 layer buffalo tip ( BEST TIP ) 5/16x14 piloted thread as you can see. Shaft is straight Asking 165.00 shipped no offers or trades. Cash is king. Price you see...
  14. PistolPat

    OB-1 Shaft for sale

    Looking to sell a used OB-1 shaft with standard silver ring in black collar for 150.00 shipped. Price you see is price you pay 5/16x14 Piloted thread. Measures 12.50 at tip of ferrule and 12.75 where shaft meets ferrule. Shaft rolls straight. Tip has a brand new professionally installed pressed...
  15. PistolPat

    Looking for Cue Shark PUP version

    Any available out there? Brand new preferable
  16. PistolPat

    Anyone have this Viking?

    I am in search for this Viking, if any of you have it and are looking to sell, pm me
  17. PistolPat

    Vikore shaft review

    I can't lie...... Honestly I HATED Viking cues because of the crazy erratic designs. Literally nothing appealed to me, especially all the ones with all that mother of pearl in weird shapes etc. Because of this fact I never even tried to shoot with one, BIG mistake. I recently became friends...
  18. PistolPat

    Vikore shaft review

    Hey guys, as the title reads..I will be giving up my 2 cents about the Vikore LD shaft from Viking Cues. First off I am still giving it a good test drive before I give you guys an in depth personal opinion on the shaft and its characteristics.. So this is just a heads up. My first impression of...