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    Cues ft

    Looking to trade for a richard black,josswest,tascarella. Slade 214 940 1857 I have cues ft and firearms ffl prefferd or in person.
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    Looking to trade multiple cues for one

    I want a josswest,schick,or Richard black. Or older black boar. Hit me up at 903-440-3535
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    Want josswest cue

    Looking for Birdseye player or a 4 point please contact me if you have one 9034403535 slade
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    Web josswest cue

    Looking for Birdseye player or a 4 point please contact me if you have one 9034403535 slade
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    prathers for trade wants guns

    looking for 1911s and Winchester rifles call me at 903 440 3535 slade 6 diffrent prathers and a jump break
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    prather collection for sale

    my prather collection is up for sale. im located in dallas area please contact me if you have any interests can call or text me at 903-440-3535 slade currently taking photos i have some phone ones so far...
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    wtb alex brick jump

    Looking for Alex brick jump cue
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    unknown cue window cue

    didnt see it in palmer catalogs i know theirs other cue makers out thier i thought maybe Abe rich friends cue he just got coming in mail soon we cant figure it out.
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    adam unkown model if anyone can help

    hi thanks to anyone who can help
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    phone number needed

    Searching for a way to contact bill stroud plz help
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    pool table wanted

    looking for table in Brownwood tx to Abilene or Waco or killeen/ have a Sony viao lime green sunburst laptop ft and cash.
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    john madden on ebay saw on ebay thought id help the guy sell it
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    1998 joss d-9 2 shafts one slight warped in middle and woodworth jump break with action 2-4 case offer text 903-440-3535 for pics.
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    joss/woodworth/j/b combo

    joss d-9 1998 and a woodworth j/b with a case 550 or offer text for pictures 903-440-3535 or send me your email.
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    joss f/s 2 shafts

    needs a new home 90s joss i believe ebony points mother of pearl inlays nearly mint for butt2 shafts throw in case for a decent price. registering it to find out how old it is. if interested throw me a price on here or call me 903-440-3535 slade selling to buy prather cues. camera sucks will...
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    woodworth jump breakf/s

    i want 300 for it if you have a prather id take that too. 903 440 3535 slade
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    predator z2 shaft f/s 5/16/14

    903 440 3535 slade shaft is sold
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    wtt looking for prather cues

    i have a 12 point calvera for trade a 70s adam g304 mcdermott a 24 year old mali a woodworth jump break a few cases and a bill hoyt i can trade. also have a 5/16/14 z2 shaft if anyone is interested and has a prather slade at 903-440-3535 message on here all tems are for sale aswell
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    w/tb large/ dealer case/cuesforcase

    im looking to trade a cue or a few for a nice large case mainly looking for a dealer case.
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    lucasi shafts for sale

    i have one lucasi hybrid shaft lhx-usr flex point shaft unused unchalked 200 or offer and a lucasi custom shaft used offer. text me or email for pictures or text at 903 440 3535