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    Removing ballpoint pen marks from Simonis cloth

    Has anyone effectively removed ballpoint pen stains from Simonis 860? Chemistry web says to use isopropanol, shaving cream, hair spray (dicey) and or carpet stain remover. I am looking for an answer from someone who has experience removing this type of stain. The writing stain is not too heavy...
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    Is a longer bridge useful?

    One of the things I observed after watching many (not all) pros is that they have a long bridge length. By long I mean the distance between two diamonds or anywhere from 12 – 15 inches (more or less). It seemed to me that there must be some reason for so many people to have this long distance...
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    The yips and playing pool

    I know this has been discussed in another thread and I re-introduce it here because it would appear there is some real research to support the idea presented. In the May / June Issue of Scientific American MIND, Jurgen Beckman (page 76) states that he and his colleagues have found that...
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    Is one phenolic cue tip better than another?

    Is one phenolic cue tip better than another? The Pool Dawg Elite is $4.00. Are all phenolic tips the same? I am going to replace the Water Buffalo tip on my Howard break/ jump cue and would appreciate any advice from those who know about such things. Thanks
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    The secret to a high level of consistency

    I have been playing for about 25 years now and only found this secret a few days ago. I suspect it is a secret because many others do it without thinking and perhaps some others do not know how to articulate the concept. It is the kind of thing that I have only heard others speak of in a...
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    Handicapping individual sets

    I think I am going to set this up at our pool room but would like to get some input first. Two players play a race to 10. The loser pays the difference in the score. If the score is 10 – 7 it costs the loser $3.00 or any multiple thereof (From 30 cents to $3,000.00). Next set the loser gets...
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    Ocular dominance often shifts in the horizontal field

    Kahn, AZ and Crawford, JD. (2001). Ocular dominance reverses as a function of horizontal gaze angle. PubMed. In a reach-grasp task for targets within the binocular visual field, subjects switched between left and right eye dominance depending on horizontal gaze angle. On average, ocular...
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    How well do you play in competition?

    One way to find out is to play the ten ball ghost. Play ten games with ball in hand after the break You get one turn at the table and earn one point per ball. The maximum score is 100. When you miss you have to re-rack for the next game. Your “average is the number of balls you pocket /10...
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    Old balls for boys club -- who to contact

    It looks like we will have five or six sets of old pool balls to give to the Boys and or Girls club. Someone on here said that they coordinated this type of project. Does anyone remember who takes care of this. I will need a name and address by PM please. Thanks for the help.
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    Mottey thread size question

    I have a 1987 Paul Mottey cue and I need to replace the Predator shaft. Someone told me the thread is 5/16 18 and I wanted to check with a knowledgeable person here to see if someone has a definitive answer before I buy a new shaft. My old Z2 broke. A week ago the ferrule broke in half. I...
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    Mosconi Cup Updates

    This thread is for updating the Mosconi Cup for those who can not see it for whatever reason. If you can update, log in and tell us what day and time you will up date. I (JoeW) will update day one on the hour and half hour. No need to say thanks, we all know you appreciate it. From what I...
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    Cheap McDermott cues?

    Older fellow I know bought a Black Widow McDermott Cue from Sears for $15.00. He said there were two more on the rack. When I went to the Sears store a few days later only the Minn. Fats cues were on the rack. Seems some Sears stores may be selling out the “old” stock prior to Christmas. This...
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    A lesson from Irving Crane

    I watched an Irving Crane match a few days ago. and observed an interesting idea that I later tried and found to be quite useful. Crane’s bridge hand remained on the table until the cue ball made contact with the object ball for...
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    Positioning a cue ball after it strikes an object ball requires finesse. The use of words and numbers do not work well .Most of us cannot tell the difference between a 28 degree angle and a 30 degree angle. Learning to control the cue ball is part of the definition of “feel” in the pool playing...
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    A different way to aim.

    The other day I was checking my aim when the cue tip was in the rear position and found that my consistency seemed to improve. Apparently checking the aim of the cue stick and the cue tip through the cue ball to the contact point on the object ball from the rear position of the pendulum swing is...
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    Fat Cat cue stick ?

    Anyone ever heard of a "Fat C" cue stick? The logo shows a fedora hat with a "C" under it and what looks like a cat wearing the hat so I think it is a Fat Cat. It is black with charcoal irish linen and comes with weights for the butt of the cue. The four points look like decals so I fgure it...
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    Undet the table footlocker

    I need to make an under the table storage box: A footlocker to use under a Gold Crown III. Has anyone done this or seen something that worked well? I saw one at K-Mart for $250.00 but figure that for $$60.00 I can make one from 3/4" oak plywood and some hardware. Seen any cool ideas? Sorry...
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    How we play pool (Etiquette)

    How we play pool (Etiquette) (A compendium from ) There are many ways to play pool. The suggestions shown below are for new players who would like to know how to act in a pool hall or someone’s room. If you follow these suggestions you will be considered a polite sportsman at...
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    How to Ignore distractions?

    I noticed an interesting problem the other day that might be expanded on by others. Perhaps others have found a way to deal with this problem. Usually I practice alone and very much enjoy it. Over time I have included improving my ability to concentrate. I think of this training as something...
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    Can you sit on the table?

    Does anyone know where I can get an official ruling or several statements concerning "sitting on the table." Where I play one of the older guys thinks that one cannot place their butt on the table to help with a shot. He thinks that “no sitting on the table” should be taken literally. I tried...