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  1. B-Rod

    what's the going rate on ivory

    I have a tusk and I'm curious what the going rate is. It's elephant ivory. its about 5lbs. If this post is not allowed feel free to delete. Thanks
  2. B-Rod

    ???? Is there gonna be a southern classic this year

    I'm just curious about tunica haven't seen any dates us there gonna be a tournament this year
  3. B-Rod

    bk3 wrapless & a plain sly j/b

    Cues are sold to juice
  4. B-Rod

    4 point Harris cue

    Sold sold sold
  5. B-Rod

    I have two sets of super aramith pro balls fs

    That was quick they are sold thanks az
  6. B-Rod

    16 sets of super aramith pro balls fs

    all are spoken for thanks
  7. B-Rod

    Talisman 2x4 black leather case

    I have a talisman case like new ill take $200 for it obo I can send pics via text
  8. B-Rod

    Rick Howard 6point

    cue is sold pending payment
  9. B-Rod

    predator z2 5/16/18 fs

    shaft is sold
  10. B-Rod

    leapord wrapless p3

    cue is sold thanks az
  11. B-Rod

    predator sneaky 6point

    I have a predator sneaky it's the new one cue stix sells its got 6points with a wrap its the green one ill take $300 plus fees and shipping it was played with for about 4hrs its like brand new first ill take it gets it no trades
  12. B-Rod

    Robert Harris Cue fs or ft

    I have a 6 point cue with one shaft for sale ill take $400 shipped this cue had a awesome hit feel free to pm trade offers this cue will not get any cheaper
  13. B-Rod

    Verizon iPhone 5 32gig

    I have a factory unlocked iPhone 5 that came from Verizon it's like brand new and has never been out of the case since bought new it is a black 32gig ill take $800 Obo I might do a trade on something like a nice case or a cue . The only reason I'm selling it is because I'm an android guy and...
  14. B-Rod

    !!!!!! 2 !!!!!!! Robert Harris Cues

    I have 2 Robert Harris Cues for sale Im asking $750 for either cue these cues havent been played yet feel free to pm me
  15. B-Rod

    Mace jb fs or ft

    I have an older mace just refinished by Rick it has a Kaumi tip on it and is in great shape. Ill take $200 shipped paypal or postal money order.
  16. B-Rod

    Open Poolroom Forsale

    As it states im Considering selling my poolroom I have other ideas in mind and im tired of the night life. I have 18 new Diamonds and this poolroom has been open since 4-1-07 the diamonds were installed May of this year. This poolroom is a very nice place and is located in Pensacola Florida feel...
  17. B-Rod

    $1000 added in Pensacola Sep. 1st

    Tournament has been cancelled thanks Hurricane Issac sorry everyone and we will reschedule Corner Pocket Billiards 43 w ninemile rd. pensacola, Fl. 32534 850-607-6732
  18. B-Rod

    200 added weekly tournament

    We have an 8 ball tournament everyweek at my place in Pensacola on sundays at 7:00 league rules race to 1 $$200 added gauranteed last week we had 53 players and we were done by 10:30. Our address is 43 w ninemile rd. and our number is 850-607-6732 tournament is played on 11 diamond smart tables...
  19. B-Rod

    Finally gonna open

    Like the title says im gonna be opening my own room in Pensacola Florida. I should be open by monday this week. I end up buying 18 new diamonds with all pro cut pockets. So if anyone gets this way please stop through my address is 43 w Ninemile rd. Pensacola Fl. 32534 phone number is...
  20. B-Rod

    Wtb bar stools ect.

    I am opening a room in Pensacola and am in need of some chairs bar stools ect. Also need an ice machine a couple beer coolers and some smoke eaters thanks and feel free to pm me