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  1. mair23

    LIVESTREAM - Austrian Grand Prix

    Hi AZ Community !! For those who didn´t know me - I am the stupid european from Vienna (Austria). We have one of our bigger tournaments over here in Austria this weekend and are LIVE for the first time. Its our first try of LIVESTREAMING, and I hope some of you guys will let us know some...
  2. mair23

    Just another Gina

    After Rods little thread - "Just a Gina", I thought that one could fit :smile: Like many people out there I really love Ernies work, and here is one of his most known designs - enjoy. Eric"h"
  3. mair23

    ?!? Pool in Singapore ?!?

    Hey AZ friends, my good friend and biz-partner (Stefan) has moved his as.s to Singapore last week. Yeap, he left fabulous Vienna (Austria) and will live in Singapore for app. 2 years. His english is quite bad and he is not even a member here - at least until now. I told him there are some...
  4. mair23

    + ~ + Some SBE pics, I know - late + ~ +

    Hi AZ friends, don´t get me wrong, but I really had not much time for anything since I got back home from the EXPO. I really had no time to do anything else then working and vacation over the last two months, sorry. Thanks to all of you, who made this trip that great for me. By far, the best...
  5. mair23

    + ~ + !! Need help !! + ~ +

    Hi guys, I am working on a Collage for my "Brümhandl" and can´t find any pics of Randy Mobley so far. Only Jamie (worminator) has one of him on his site, but it´s built in one of his collages. Hope some of you will know where I can find a pic of Randy :confused: If not - Jamie, please send...
  6. mair23

    CUE REPAIR at the EXPO !?

    Hey guys, if I remember correctly there were booths last year, where they have done some cue repair things :confused: Will there be a booth again this year, where i could repair some tiny problems :rolleyes: Of course, not only a new wrap, tip or ferrule - more like a little crack in the...
  7. mair23

    ~+~ !!! HELP with PICS !!! ~+~

    Hi AZ friends, i would need help with some pictures, please. I realy hope that somebody out there will have pics of some cuemakers i am missing. I am on the way to completing all my cues as collages, but i need the faces to the makers, too. Would be great if the pics are in good quality...
  8. mair23

    !!! ~+~ my tiny cue collection ~+~ !!!

    Hey fellow AZ friends and members ! Many of you asked me since i am a member to try to show my whole collection. I saw some of you do the same, and there are great collections out there.:thumbup: I like the way how most of you show there entire collections here, and when TIKKLER showed us the...
  9. mair23

    ?!? Guess the makers - real hard one ?!?

    ?!? GUESS with TWO NEW PICS ?!? !!! THE TWO NEW PICS ARE THERE !!! !!! And my Cuecollection in another tread too - that should help !!! Hey guys, you all know i love that guessing game, because you all are that good in it :grin-square: :eek: !?! So let us see how good you realy are...
  10. mair23

    ?!? COLLAR on SHAFT ?!?

    Hey guys, i hope you will be able to help me because i saw something today and was like ....... :eek: :rolleyes: :mad: A friend of mine was a little bit in range and his shaft kissed the table a little hard :grin-square: At that moment the shaft broke at the collar, but the collar was still...
  11. mair23

    ??? Pacific Rim Billiard Expo ???

    Hey guys, found the "Pacific Rim Billiard Expo" in the sports calender 2010 schedule from the WPA. Does anybody out there know that event or is it new !? I am not from the states so if i have missed that event over the last years, sorry, but i never heard about it. :eek: Thanks in advance for...
  12. mair23

    ~+~ LOOK and GUESS what arrived today ~+~

    I hope all of you had a nice xmas and a happy new year :grin-square: I would say With that pack that arrived today my year starts out great. I am so happy to get my first case from .........., and it´s awesome, wow.:eek: Let me know what you think is in the package - the case should be easy...
  13. mair23

    ~ + ~ WTB ! Jerico Stinger SS Shaft - please help ! ~ + ~

    Hey guys, i hope somebody out there can help me :rolleyes: I bought two Jerico Stinger Jump/Break cues here on AZ some time ago and they are realy great :thumbup: But i would need one more from Jerico´s SS Shafts, because i got only one of them. :mad: Please let me know where i could get only...
  14. mair23

    ~ + ~ A piece of American History, the "Anasazi Cue" ~ + ~

    Hey Guys, most of you knew that one of Judd Fullers Masterpieces is in my collection, but do you know the history behind it - i didn´t :mad: But that´s maybe because i am an European :rolleyes: Judd and Trudy Fuller live near Mesa Verde in Colorado, i found out, and there is something i didn´t...
  15. mair23

    ~ + ~ CCC (Complete Collage Crazy) ~ + ~ You still like it !?

    Hey Guys, i think the complete craziness about collages got me :rolleyes: I came home after a long and hard league weekend, and after reading all the news here on AZ, i had to do one more. Realy, sat here in front of my computer on sunday evening for 3 hours and made another one :eek: But as all...
  16. mair23

    ~ + ~ My second Collage - i hope you like it ~ + ~

    Hey Guys, i tried to do a picture collage again, because i like the sky background that much :grin-square: I hope it worked out nice, let me know your thoughts about it. O.k., about the Rasputin too, why not :rolleyes: Erich
  17. mair23

    ~ + ~ + ~ WTB - Tad Kohara Player ~ + ~ + ~

    Hey fellow AZ´ers, i hope that there is anybody out there who will have a TAD Player for sale. A good friend of mine wants one for Christmas and i am trying to help. :grin: Here are some pics of cues that would fit, two of them are real Players with no points. Black or brown rings, no matter ...
  18. mair23

    HELP NEEDED - Reputation points ??

    Hey guys (and girls), please, could anybody tell me how i can see more then the last 5 Rep´s i got :confused: On my "User CP" are the last 5, and where i can find all i got in the past, or at least the last month or so. :confused: First one who can help to see more then 5 gets my Rep. for sure...
  19. mair23

    Story Part 3/3 - Pair was gone, fancy new one in house..... but not for long

    Hi Guys, i swear that´s my last post, at least today :grin: Like you all read before, i retired my "MG06" pair, i got a super new fancy one and should be extremely happy - nope ! The last three months i played some tournaments and some league here in Austria and it was great like every time...
  20. mair23

    Needed new cue - necesseraly !

    Story Part 2/3 - needed new cue, necesseraly ! !!!!! STORY PART 2 of 3 !!!!! Yeap, after you all read that i put my Custom Made cues from Mike to rest, i needed a new cue, correct :confused: And where can you find a new cue better then at AZ. All crazy billiard freaks like...