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  1. Moet.1977

    US Open One Pocket

    just cause you haven't heard of alot of the players doesn't mean there not great players. sure it was great tournament
  2. Moet.1977

    Should I open a pool room?

    it's no retirement you'll work 12-15hr days to keep bills paid an you'll rarely get to play.
  3. Moet.1977

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    now that is funny
  4. Moet.1977

    Original Flowers - Jeff Q cases

    Bought this from Ted ( cuesblues ) on here years ago. Will sale or trade for nice sneaky. I also got a full splice Rosewood Jensen I'll let in a better trade. The case is in very good condition especially for its age no cracks in leather.
  5. Moet.1977

    1972 McDermott

    My friend is the second owner of this cue which he bought in early 80's off a close family friend. The older gentleman said he bought this from Jim McDermott in early 70's. He couldn't remember exact year but said thinks it was 72.
  6. Moet.1977

    Jensen sneaky

    Sold one Jensen today and pick up another, I actually took it cause I knew my daughter would love the veneer and ring work colors. LOL It seems they have got something sticky on the cue I'm not sure what it is, but cue actually plays very good. It has a nice stiff hit, just tried it out at...
  7. Moet.1977

    O8 Jensen

    Butt is- 16.4 oz Shaft 1-3.3 oz 12.1mm Shaft 2 - 3.5 oz 12.5mm Inlays are Ivory the butt is derlin This cue was made for Truman Hogue the old road player and bank player. This is a amazing players cue just like all of Mike Johnson cues are. --- obo everything is straight together or apart...
  8. Moet.1977

    Help with pin size

    I just got home and looked at the cue and the pin wasn't the size I thought it Was any help would be much appreciated. Might even try ask cue marker section. It's a jump break I picked up at Derby a few years ago, I have no idea who made it. Thanks guys. Looks like it has 12 or 13 threads.
  9. Moet.1977

    Madden cue

    Thought I show this older Madden cue it was a good player but at the time I had just to many cues, so I let this one go. It was just to lite for my taste.
  10. Moet.1977


    Pick this up at Derby few years ago guy said it was made in Kentucky but he couldn't remember his name. 5/16-18 pin it's a jump break cue but it plays great. Really can't remember much more I usually don't drink but I had had a couple that day with friends. Lol
  11. Moet.1977

    True sneaky

    Not sure who made it but the guy that own it before my grandfather his Other 2 cues was a 70's Joss and a Szamboti. Guy went to prison and his brother sold these. Maybe someone will no who made it. Think pin is 3/8-12 It has great curly maple shaft, and the butt is skinny for and older cue.
  12. Moet.1977

    Rodney Morris

    I just seen Rodney playing in the 2017 High Desert Shootout and he wasn't playing with his usally cue the Tascarell. He was using a plain ebony cue with steel joint and what looked like a derlin butt cap, also look like it had snake skin wrap on it. Does anybody no what kind of cue it is? I...
  13. Moet.1977

    Billy Thorpe?

    I was watching world pools series from Steinway Billiards and it looked like Billy was using a different Q besides his Brett Summers cue, does anyone know what it was. I thought it looked a lot like Skylar Woodward's old Pat diviney cue. But I couldn't see it very well.
  14. Moet.1977

    balance rite

    Is their a member here on the forum that makes a custom extention just like the balance rite? I like the Bala rite but want on that looks better. Thanks
  15. Moet.1977

    looking for this cue

    It's a Douglas cue I would like to see if I could buy it back, does any one know where this cue is? Thanks for the help.
  16. Moet.1977


    Approximately how long would it take to get a cue shipped from Canada to Louisville Ky? It is a plain cue, no ivory or anything to hold up at customs.
  17. Moet.1977

    contact information Llewellyn

    Does someone have a number for James Llewellyn? Thanks Sean.
  18. Moet.1977

    Ca$h cue for sale

    This is out of my private collection. It is a Ca$h cue made from a Davis blank. It has a 3/8-11 pin. The1st shaft is 12.68mm with a med ki-tech tip. The 2nd shaft is 12.4mm with a soft kamui tip. This cue, including the joint protectors, is made from top shelf wood. The cue was originally...
  19. Moet.1977

    Murrell Titlist for sale

    2014 Murrell titlist cue made of Brazilian rosewood. It's wrapless and bumperless with an engraved weight bolt. There is no ivory in the cue, it is all juma. The butt end is on the thin side and is forward balanced. It has Morri medium tips on both shafts. All three pieces are 29" and are...
  20. Moet.1977

    Wrap less Brazlian Rosewood Murrell

    Just put a 1940's Willie Hoppe Titlist Brazlian Rosewood on eBay. It's wrap less and bumper less, stiffest hitting cue I've very played with, If your interested in it pm me. Thanks Sean.