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  1. markjames

    Serious question?

    i believe it’s because baseball is over 100 years old and teams had little money to organize and fields were built in many different types of neighborhoods
  2. markjames

    Best commentator in pool

    grady was great but he whistled through his teeth as he spoke, and this error 101 keeps me from being able to listen to him i know i know he is legendary and a pool player not a thespian but someone could have easily corrected this and noone ever did not the best ever- for me that’s steve davis
  3. markjames

    perimeter light

    yea like they said the reflections shed new light, and change aiming
  4. markjames

    perimeter light

    it’s sick! the shadows of the ball are square!
  5. markjames

    Am I the only one...

    one of the hottest pool players in the world, winning almost everything
  6. markjames


    is this ‘bad for ten ball breaks rack’ also bad for 14.1 ?
  7. markjames

    Really not a fan of Predator "Arcrapia" equipment...

    well the name is predator what do you expect, good quality?
  8. markjames


    how in the hell can i stop missing that simple corner pocket shot
  9. markjames

    SVB/Chohan Updates

    i guess that’s it 24-16 svb
  10. markjames

    $740,000 First Prize for World Heyball Championship in China, March 25, 2023

    there are two in brooklyn haweeda tavern in sunset park i love them because they’re tall like a snooker table excellent, very challenging
  11. markjames

    Imagine the world's best/most powerful breaker on an endless pool table... how long does the cue ball travel?

    i was thinking about this same question a few years back and my post was poorly worded and i got a lot of ridicule like this op my gut said the ball could travel from amsterdam billiards on 11th steeet to society billiards on 21st street
  12. markjames

    2023 World Pool Championship, Kielce, Poland

    i think it’s that he really hates pool and has an honest face
  13. markjames

    Push Out Order in Scotch Doubles?

    my question is why is this awesome format called scotch doubles?
  14. markjames

    DCC One Pocket - final rounds

    dumb answer- i think from here forward, the pool balls colors will be ALL funky stuff but if i had a vote the 5 ball is always orange 5🍊
  15. markjames

    Call shot

    and why would you?
  16. markjames

    Where's Cocobolo Cowboy?

    i just tell myself english isn’t his first language and everything makes sense
  17. markjames

    Dead Links: WPA World Pyramid Pool Championship

    side by side
  18. markjames

    Dead Links: WPA World Pyramid Pool Championship

    yes that’s the only way, as you say, to squeeze it in you know snooker pockets are small these are much much smaller the balls are really bigger than the pockets hit it in, fierce, rolling never works
  19. markjames

    Rubbing the cue against your chest

    not sure if you can relate to this, but i notice ronnie o’sullivan (better than you or i) sometimes knocking his chalk out of his vest pocket when hitting a difficult shot hard (high speed)- his hand was supposed to miss his body but it didn’t and the chalk flies out since he usually makes all...