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  1. pfduser

    Hanging scoring beads

    Been wanting to practice straight pool and was wondering the best way to hang scoring beads. Seyberts has the beads and wire with a turnbuckle. Do I hang from my light or table? Really don't wanna drill any holes in my Pro Am table or light. Any suggestions?
  2. pfduser

    New James White

    Wanted to show you all my new player. Nothing fancy but I love the looks of a traditional cue and this one is perfect for my tastes. The white with green speck Cortland linen really goes well with this cue. The best part is the cue plays as good as it looks! Pics suck but I wanted you all to see it.
  3. pfduser

    Wtb: custom cue in $1500 range

    Looking for a custom cue in the $1500 range. Looking for traditional 4 point players. I would also like it to have a 5/16x14 pin. Could go higher for the right cue.
  4. pfduser

    New Diamond Pro Am

    Diamond installers will be delivering my new Pro Am tonight around 7 o'clock. Been planing this for about 10 years! I'll try to post pics.
  5. pfduser

    WTB: Racking Secrets by Joe Tucker

    Looking to buy a copy of Joe Tucker 's Racking Secrets. Thanks
  6. pfduser

    Goncalo Alves Sneaky Pete by Pierce Custom Cues

    Selling this cue for a friend. Very nice goncalo alves sneaky made by Pierce in 2012. Cue is in excellent condition. It has a 3/8 x 10 flat faced joint. Wood to wood with stainless steel collar. Butt weights in at 15.79 oz. Playing shaft is 29.25 inches long and has a juma ferrule with a...
  7. pfduser

    WTB J&J jump break cue

    Looking for new or lightly played J&J j/b. Thanks
  8. pfduser


    Can anyone recommend a good machinist learning center or school? I'd like to learn this trade and get into the industry and perhaps learn cuemaking on the side. Thanks
  9. pfduser

    Omen FS or Trade

    Pete Omen for sale: 4 cocobolo points into birdseye maple 20oz (2) 13 mm shafts with ivory ferrules & Kamui SS tips Both shafts are 30 in. Butt is 30 in. 3/8 x 11 pin wood to wood joint Shafts have about 20 racks total play Looking for $625 or trade for a nice Pirece cue.
  10. pfduser

    FS:Schon SP Cue BW4

    This is a friends cue. He picked it up while we were at DC this year. Case is new and included also. Stats: Schon SP Cue BW4 weight: 20oz. butt length: 29 inches shaft length: 31 inches shaft diameter: 13.2mm tip: lapro McDermott case: Super Case 1x1 Indestructible PVC tubing for added...
  11. pfduser

    Looking to buy 1x2 case with pouch

    Looking for 1x2 case with pouch for a friend. Production or custom. Thanks
  12. pfduser

    Custom short spliced Pierce‏

    I'm very happy with this Pierce I got Tuesday! Cue has a solid hit with great feedback. I also like the sound this cue makes after hitting the cue ball. A keeper for sure!:thumbup:
  13. pfduser

    Johnny Archer vs Mike Siegel.9 Ball

    Johnny Archer vs Mike Sigel.9 Ball Great classic match between Archer and Sigel. I love Archer's tempo in this match. Wish Archer would go back to this tempo!
  14. pfduser

    WTB: Custom Cue in the $300-$500 range

    Looking to buy a custom cue in a week or so in the $300-$500 range. Cue must have a minimum weight of 19oz and have shafts at least 12.75mm in diameter. Might be willing to go slightly over $500 for the right cue. I need a good cue for DCC so lets see them!:D
  15. pfduser

    Straight Pool 14.1 Efren Reyes vs Jim Rempe Maine 1995

    Thought I'd post a great match between Efren and Rempe.
  16. pfduser

    Efren Reyes: 9-Rack 9-Ball Run

    This has more than likely been posted before but I'm posting it anyway because it's such a great performance from Efren!
  17. pfduser

    Looking For Playing Partner

    The dude I've always played with has quit the game.I need somebody to play with,ride the roads with,and go to tourneys with.I hate to do these things by myself!Just looking for a player that loves the game, likes to gamble,and go to tourneys.Pm me if anybody is interested.
  18. pfduser

    Kolby's stream??

    Any stream tonight Lenny??
  19. pfduser

    Ace the break in 3 ball???

    Anybody here ever played 3 ball and figured out how to ace the break?It's hard enough just to make one on the break much less all 3!
  20. pfduser

    Looking for someone to install micarta ferrule &Kamui black tip

    Looking for someone to install micarta ferrule &Kamui black tip on my shaft.