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  1. dublete

    Here's a nice 1998 model JT4 by Judd Fuller

    For sale is a beautiful cue by Judd Fuller made in 98. It comes with 2 shafts and weighs 19.1/19.5 oz depending on the shaft used. Shafts are 12.0 and 12.6 mm Cue is straight together and apart with one of the shaft having a very slight taper roll. SOLD
  2. dublete

    Sweet Amboyna burl hoppe

    For sale is a stunning cue by Jensen. It is not only beautiful but a solid player. Pics don't do it justice. Beautiful amboyna burl and highly figured BEM with ivory hoppe ring. Shaft is a pre-cat predator with ivory ferrule. Joint is piloted ivory with 5/16x14 pin. Wrap is genuine...
  3. dublete

    FT Coker Tuxedo

    Used Coker Tuxedo trade for a Prewitt. Comes with only 1 shaft - 12mm. This cue is loaded. $3500 trade value. PM for cash price. PM me your email and pics and I'll respond likewise.
  4. dublete

    WTT 98 Judd JT4 and 97 sneaky

    moved to a different thread.
  5. dublete

    Joss block letter shaft with stitched ring - $100 shipped

    L= 58-1/2" including tip D= 12.75mm Has a slight taper roll. First $100 takes it shipping included. PM your cell number for pics. SOLD SOLD
  6. dublete

    Huebler Custom Chess

    Vintage Huebler custom Chess cue Butt weighs 15.7oz, 28.5" long and straight. Wrap is Pigskin Cracks in ivory joint. Could use refinish Comes with two 12.5mm shafts 3.7/3.8oz, 28.5" long - one is straight, the other has a taper roll Ivory ferrule on 1 shaft developed crack near the tip 10 yrs...
  7. dublete

    Early 70's Meucci hoppe MO-5

    Sold. Sold. Sold
  8. dublete

    Meucci MO-5 for sale $1000

  9. dublete

    Porper Tuxedo Custom cue - SOLD

  10. dublete

    Various Custom Cues for Sale New cues will be added to ebay until I sell off my collection. Cues will be listed primarily on weekends unless I get some free time off my busy work schedule. I am down to...
  11. dublete

    90's Meucci
  12. dublete

    Schon spliced points ####SOLD####
  13. dublete

    Porper Tuxedo - SOLD

  14. dublete

    Porper Tuxedo Cue loaded with ivory

    ................... $old.
  15. dublete

    Richard Black and Skip Weston

  16. dublete

    Richard Black and Skip Weston

    Ending in less than 2 hours. Richard Black "Black Baron" ivory inlays, solid ivory buttcap, 4 shafts. Skip Weston with ivory hoppe, ivory diamonds and ivory dots. 3 shafts...
  17. dublete


    Ron Thomas case - SOLD Centennial case - SOLD Engles case -...
  18. dublete

    Blue Book of Pool Cues Deluxe Hardcover, 2nd Edition and 3rd Edition

    The First Edition Deluxe Hardcover has a scratch on the back cover from storage. Other than that, it is in mint condition. $OLD The 3rd edition is SOLD[/COLOR][/B] Sorry, no trades at this time.....
  19. dublete

    FS James white cue

    6 pointer James White ebony into purpleheart. Piloted 5/16x14. Flawless points. Lizard wrap. 2 straight shafts. 1 with minimal play, 1 with bluing. Both shafts between 12.75 and 13mm. Not sure of the exact diameter. I don't have the exact weight but should be between 19 and 20 oz. I'll...
  20. dublete

    Bluebook of Pool Cues 3rd edition

    Blue Book of Pool Cues 3rd Edition for sale on EBay. Book was bought new and never opened except for when pictures were taken however the edges of the cover shows wear due to storage and move. The book has no crease marks and the pages are fresh. The pictures are of the actual book and...