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  1. kunin35

    Predator 314 partial

    I have a 30" predator partial for sale. Some call it a first generation and some call it a second generation. The logo is a 314 and the cat, .625 long ferrule. It will come with a predator sleeve (not sock), registration card, and decal. 220$ shipped CONUS. Please add 4% if using Paypal. Thanks
  2. kunin35

    Mark Bear full splice FS

    I have an ebony and bacote full splice blank for sale. Ebony is in the forearm. It measures 35" long and measures 1.04" at the ebony end. Points line up. The blank is straight. Looking for SOLD, pending payment, (please add 4% if paying by paypal or you can send it friends and family) shipped...
  3. kunin35

    WTB predator p3 bumper

  4. kunin35

    Variable speed motor

    Motor works fine however the the Tach works intermittently. It could be as simple as cleaning the connections, I haven't checked. I also have a video showing the motor works as well as the Variable speed and reversing. Specs here: $160.00 (firm)...
  5. kunin35

    WTB Schon Shafts

    Found what I needed. Thanks to those who responded
  6. kunin35

    WTB Schon shafts

    Mods please delete. Wrong spot for this. Thanks
  7. kunin35

    WTB Bullet joint insert

    Looking for about 5 bullet joint inserts. Atlas is OOS. Their item number for this part is QBULLET INSERT Thanks:thumbup:
  8. kunin35

    Misc tips for sale!!

    I have an assortment of tips I'll never use. There are some tiger S, icebreaker, talisman, Ni Li, ASR Looking for SOLD shipped CONUS Please post then PM if interested. Thanks!!
  9. kunin35

    leather wraps

    Thanks Martin Bick (superior cues)!! Great wraps you're selling:thumbup:
  10. kunin35

    WTS Motor Speed Control

    Looking to get rid of this Dayton Motor speed control. $40.00 shipped CONUS
  11. kunin35

    tenon threader

    :thumbup:I have 3 tenon threaders for sale. the unique and the hightower are used however the porper is new. the unique and hightower are $25 each shipped CONUS and the porper is $35.00 shipped CONUS. Take all 3 for $75 shipped CONUS. Order of posts will determine who gets them however the sale...
  12. kunin35

    WTB Everest tips

    found some!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. kunin35

    WTS JB Rugged Case

  14. kunin35

    WTB Schon shaft

    Found one!! Thanks
  15. kunin35

    craigslist find

    not mine or am i affiliated with the seller. just thought i would share
  16. kunin35

    WTS Rusty Melton Case

  17. kunin35

    Wayne Holmes

    Well the pool world just lost another great one. Wayne Holmes recently passed away from lung and brain cancer. For those of you that had the pleasure of dealing with Wayne you know he was a charismatic guy that was passionate about building cues. You also know he could be a "crusty ole fart"...
  18. kunin35

    P3 weight bolt kit WTB

    Looking for a weight bolt kit for the P3. Will even take just the wrench if you have it. Thanks
  19. kunin35

    Wolfgang tb 350 and 650 spindle

    Wondering what the owners of theses spindles are using for a power supply. I was using an astron power supply and I'm looking for something a little different. Any input is appreciated :thumbup:
  20. kunin35

    Drilling help with these