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  1. Nine Out

    Selling Scruggs for Friend

    Selling Scruggs Cue Whitten Case and Vern Manning Cue for Friend Hi All, A friend at the local room asked me to post up his scruggs PJ. i'm on my way in to weigh the cue, it's been played but is on overall good condition...
  2. Nine Out

    Biggest post in AZ history Thank You!

    I wanted thank everyone for the help. My daughter got a coat (she loves it), much thanks to everyone who contributed and those with all the kind words These are public comments and donation, even I cannot see the hidden stuff and I had SEVERAL so thx! This is not wanted or for sale, but within...
  3. Nine Out

    I need your help.

    FUNDRAISER IS OVER JUST SHARING A FEW PHOTO'S!!!! LINK ON LAST PAGE Hi Guys, I recently was diagnosed with Cancer. I started a fundraiser last week as I've been out of work since May 2011. The fundraiser has been up a...
  4. Nine Out

    Willing to trade for .40/.45 cal

    Hello All, I have a Mason Houghland cue that I am looking to sell or trade. Ebony cue with NICE quilted handle. 19.0 two shafts 12.90 and 13.0 bought earlier this year. Open to Glock-Sig-Springfield etc.... Thx, NINER
  5. Nine Out

    Me Baby

    MasonH Delivered earlier this year, you know the story lost job, just before catching cancer , just after canceling insurance so the cue and the wife must go as much as I hate it. 15.4 3.6 @ 12.9 3.6 @ 12.85 Two triangles one is pressed. Thx, NINER...
  6. Nine Out

    Ebony MashonH For Sale

    I have an ebony Mason cue that just came out of his last batch. I've played the cue about 2hrs and want to move it to buy a slightly bigger cue. All out player the pictures are not the best sorry. My stroke STANKS and the base of one shaft has a few dingy's otherwise cue is as new. 850.00 firm...
  7. Nine Out

    Golf Clubs for Good Playing Cue

    Hello Fellas, and ladies too! I have a set of Hogan Apex Plus Pro FORGED golf clubs, 2-9 plus a Ping putter an off name 3-wood and a somewhat dated TiSi 8.5 Degree Driver, and a Cleveland copper 60 degree LW. The shafts are rifle precision, and the Winn grips need replacing! Also included is...
  8. Nine Out

    Anywhere to play

    In Tullahoma, TN. Shoot me a PM of any AZ brothers or sisters are in the area as business will bring me to the area next week. Thanks, NINER
  9. Nine Out

    Nice SCHON for sale, Help Me!

    Hiya guys and Gals, I have this Schon and I personally have NO IDEA what its worth. Here's what I know. Overall condition is very good. The cue has a small nick as seen in the photo of the butt. Rolls STR8 as an arrow together and apart! 19.5oz One Shaft @ 12.75 I'm scared to post a price I...
  10. Nine Out

    Deal of the Day!!! Six Point 2007 Diveney

    Very unique 2007 Pat Diveney Six Point PLAYER! Six points of exceptional Curly Maple into an excellent piece of Sapele used in the nose and butt. The handle is phenomenal! It's bright red with great black grain and a brilliant iridescence. Ivory ring work sandwiched in Silver at A/E The cue...
  11. Nine Out

    Pat Diveney

    Awesome Pat Diveney Hello All, I'm going to part with my Diveney The cue has very little play. At any rate its going out to Pat for a ferrule and shaft clean only on the shaft that has play. The 2nd is identical with no game play, actually I'm yet to chalk it; I've rolled a few via dry-fire...
  12. Nine Out

    2007 Josey Level III "Not So Sneaky"

    Hiya Guys and Gals (and Marcus) Helping a friend by posting his 2007 Josey level 3 Sneaky. The cue is lightly played, and in great overall condition. I'd call it 95-97% with a fresh shaft cleaning, it hits really good I'm just all in with my cues right now. 58 19 oz 13mm (One) Rings with...
  13. Nine Out

    Varney PLAYER price REDUCED

    REDUCED PRICE XXX.XX SOLD SHIPPED! Here are the specs Current Weight 19.oz - Forearm and butt are Cocobolo, the Handle is maple. Hoppe style cue with no bumper and a Hoppe ring on the butt Flat face joint with a really sweet G10-Black 3/8-10 Pin Shafts have dashed ring work The cue balances...
  14. Nine Out

    Kevin Varney

    Anyone heard from him?
  15. Nine Out

    Varney Custom No WAIT!

    Varney Custom Hoppe PLAYER --> Ready to Ship! I've had this Varney for approximately 2 weeks. I just found a cue that I want to buy but I have to move one to make room! THIS IS A PLAYER! Specs and pictures are below *NOTE upon receipt I noticed some very fine surface blemishes in the clear...
  16. Nine Out

    Looking 4 BK2

    Looking for cue in good condition without a wrap, ideally 18-19oz Thanks, NINER
  17. Nine Out

    FS/FT Custom Lanz Break Cue

    Predator Canadian Blank 19.0 oz with one Piece Phenolic Tip. Custom Flat faced piloted 5/16 14 Richard "Dick" Lanz shaft. Cue was custom ordered in September 2007 Looking for a used BK2 or reasonable cash offer north of 150.00! The butt is in great condition the base of the shaft has some...
  18. Nine Out

    jjollie clear PM's

    PM box is full:)
  19. Nine Out

    Feeling Points

    I have a cue that ironically has the best looking finish I've seen however I've noticed that since I received the cue 2 months ago, that I can now turn the cue in my hand and feel the veneers or points? Is this a common phenomenon? Thanks, Niner
  20. Nine Out

    Anyone Interested in a Bluegrass PJ

    I have a Bluegrass PJ Cocobolo with Rings A-E Coco and Micarta One original Shaft 13mm and one Built by RH earlier this year. The cue was sold on AZ about 3 months ago photos are under "2003 Bluegrass unplayed" I'll grab them and add them to the post if anyone needs them. Looking for 1,100.00...