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  1. smullaney83

    Brand new dennis searing golden cue

    this cue is perfect over 400 inlays in the cue and each inlay is bordered with solid gold, this cue is probly the most prestigious cue ever built to date everything in the cue is gold and he used a 5 thousand bits to cut the inlay and that has never been done before by another cue maker this is...
  2. smullaney83

    Brand new dennis searing golden cue

    Hello everyone i wanted to share this with everyone so they may appreciate this kinda cue, i just picked it up from dennis today it was made for me, it is probly the nicest cue he has ever made to date, the cue it self has over 400 inlays in it and every inlay in this cue and joint protectors...
  3. smullaney83

    Want to raffle off fancy tascarella

    I have a loaded tascarella that i will be raffling off but i dont no how to do it so i am asking someone to help me do it or if someone that is known and that people have vouged for will raffle it off for me please let me know thanks either how to do it or if someone will do it for me and i...
  4. smullaney83

    Auctioning off my fancy tascarella

    Ok i had this cue on ebay and they canceled my listing because of the ivory so i am going to auction this cue off on here azbilliards, the tasc is loaded full splice with ivory cue was bought for 8 grand. I dont no how to do this so if someone would be willing to do it for me or show me how to...
  5. smullaney83

    Fancy tascerella on ebay

    I am putting this tascerella on ebay at a no reserve price so you can now get this cue for the best price possible in this economy, its a loaded with ivory tascerella and you dont have to wait 3 years to get this bad boy please bid with confidence thanks free shipping ebay number is 220627056317...
  6. smullaney83

    Loaded tascerella priced to sell

    This is a full splice loaded with propeller tascerella with a steel joint, all white in it is ivory two shafts ivory ferrules with 12 9 shafts, you will no find another tascerella this cheap that is this loaded thanks, please call for any questions 561 693 8153 no trades i also have watches for...
  7. smullaney83

    Looking to buy custom case 2x4

    Hello looking to buy a custom case i will pay cash has to be in good condition show me what u have thanks. Please [post pics]
  8. smullaney83

    fancy tascerella for sale

    this is one of his full splice cue. its in perfect condition accept for one little nick in forearm can barely feel it or see it. 12. 9 shafts two of them . 5 16 14 pin steel joint cue plays lights out smooth leather wrap black. 5500 price to sell. shipping next day air with insurance any...
  9. smullaney83

    Gold crown 4 for sale

    I live in south florida i am selling my gold crown 4 the slate is cracked but able to fix i will sell it as is for 1600 now if u want to take the table with the fixed slate price is 2500. I will ship any where thanks call me if ur interested 561 693 8153 my name is sean
  10. smullaney83

    9 ft diamond tables for sale

    hi im located in palm beach gardens, fl i have six 9 ft diamonds for sale and 1 gold crown 4 for sale with matching lights and racks balls etc, please call me if u have any questions 561 693 8153 thanks my name is sean please call me thanks i will sell one at a time or all them at once.
  11. smullaney83

    ivory searing

    first ivory over steel joint dennis searing has ever done. this is the first of many to come. this is a special cue as well because dennis made this cue for himself to play with and ended up selling it to a friend of mine. now its back to me. its for sale one more time. this cue is loaded with...
  12. smullaney83

    Last two southwest for sale jerry franklin era

    Ok here you go the last two cues i have left to sell. They are jerry franklin satin finish southwest cues dated back in the 80s these cues are in great condition. Now the one cue is a very collectable cue for u southwest nutts its the only one to ever be signed by jerry franklin himself on the...
  13. smullaney83

    Selling last two southwets jerry franklin

    The first cue is a specially one its the only cue that franklin himself signed on the cue it says killer at the bottom of the cue. Its bem satin finish cue . Its has the southwest pin and the original cactus on the pin. This cue waas certified by laure herself but i dont have it i am sure...
  14. smullaney83

    Selling the last of my cues for cheap.

    I am selling three dennis searing cues a fancy showman and a signed killer southwest. I however will not post pics of any cues if ur a seruous buyer and have the cash to buy one of these cues then i will send u pics im tired of trying to sell cues on here and everyone wants to do a trade or...
  15. smullaney83

    Selling showman @ searing.

  16. smullaney83

    prices DROP ON MY CUES

    Listen up here the deal of a life i am going to drop all the prices on my searing and showmans to a 1000 less than my asking price on those cues, so if u like it buy it cause this is only going till friday of this week then im putting them away for good. Ok thanks any questions please call me...
  17. smullaney83

    Only signed franklin sw for sale

    Here it is the best playing cue jerry franklin made. It has alot of dings in it it needs a refinish but its in pretty good condittion doesnt roll out at all comes with about 7 shafts and 2 brand new searing shafts made for the cue. This cue hits lights out and its the only one jerry signed that...
  18. smullaney83

    John showman fancy for sell

    Here is the fanciest john showman cue ever made and its up for sale. Now i dont have to sell this cue and personally dont really want to but something has to go so either one of my searings or this i suppose this cue is in mint condition and pics dont do it justice.
  19. smullaney83

    Selling dennis searing cues

    I tryed to do this private but have the people didnt get the pics so im just going to post them here if ur interested and a serious buyer with real money lol please pm me i want to sell one or two of the cues thanks for prices please pm me this time around i will be lowering my original price...
  20. smullaney83

    Selling a couple of my cues

    Hey im looking to downsize on my collection but im only going to keep a couple of then. So there rest are up for sale please pm me for pics and extras adn specs on the cues. All the cues that i will be selling will be reasonable prices i have searings, showmans southwest merry widdows 2 of...