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  1. BradenK

    ****Beautiful Prewitt Full Splice****

    This cue only has about 30-40 hrs of play. I amthe second owner. The first owner only had the cue for a week, and never chalked it. 2 13mm shafts, ivory ferrules. Beautiful ivory rings. Four veneers, notched diamonds, and ivory hoppe ring with the EP engraved. Also comes with joint...
  2. BradenK

    Sugartree Fancy Sneaky---Cheap

    Purpleheart fancy sneaky, sleeved ivory joint, ivory buttcap. One shaft, at about 12.8, ivory ferrule. Cue is in excellent shape. Shows usage, but nothing major. Rolls straight together and apart, to my eyes. Has that Sugartree hit. I am taking a loss, but I need the money fast. $600/OBO...
  3. BradenK

    Mint, 99.8% older Scruggs. Almost Brand New

    This cue has been test hit only. Perfect condition. I am listing it for a friend. 2 shafts, 13 and 12.5 The weight is 18.9 and 19.1 As do all of Tim's cues, this one is a player. Very firm hit. 2400 usd/OBO. And please, if you have an offer, make it. Trades may be be possible, but equal caliber...
  4. BradenK

    ^^^ Nice older Scruggs ^^^

    This is a nice, older Scruggs. It looks to be stained tiger maple. 3/8-10 flat-faced sleeved ivory joint. 2 original shafts with ivory ferrules. Tips look to be triangles, at 12.8mm. I do not have weights yet. Asking $1300.00/OBO USD. CONUS ONLY. No trades please. PM me any offers. Thanks for...
  5. BradenK

    Big beautiful Scruggs. 4 orig. shafts

    Any questions, please call A.J. 814.335.2749 1 shaft is about an inch shorter than the other 3. Cue is in 99% condition, and is truly a superb player. I do not have exact specs yet. All white is ivory, except buttcap. Joint is solid ivory. Flat faced, radial pin. Rings are stunning, and match...
  6. BradenK

    Older Instroke 2X4

    Nice older Instroke 2X4. Black, with some nice tooling. Minor wear, but still in good shape. Perfectly functional. Asking $100 OBO. Pics to come later. Thanks. Braden
  7. BradenK

    Very nice, older bob dzuricky custom--low price!

    This is a very nice, older Dzuricky. The cue is not mine, but I have hit with it, and it truly plays great. Bob makes very playable cues, in my opinion. The weight is about 20.4, with the shaft being just a hair under 4 oz. With no insert. Brand new ivory ferrule, and a new Moori med. tip. The...
  8. BradenK

    My Experience With A Cuemaker---A Good One!

    So...I read A LOT on this forum, and too much of the content is negative. I thought I could put some positive experiences in writing. This past weekend, at our VNEA state tournament, I finally met Bob Dzuricky(I hope I spelled it correctly Bob!), and it was to my great pleasure to have done...
  9. BradenK

    I am having stroke issues!

    My game has been improving lately, but it led me to the realization that my stroke has never been very straight. I was shooting by feel instead of precise aiming. Once I started aiming precisely, I realized most of my misses were caused by a bad stroke. I have been able to help it some, but I...
  10. BradenK

    (#)(#)(#)Superb Gina FS/FT---Excellent Condition(#)(#)(#)

    1st.) I am listing this for a friend---it is NOT my cue. 2nd.) This cue is in amazing condition. I do not have the actual specs, but it feels to be about 19.0-19.5, and both shafts are at least 12.75 or more. He is asking $4000.00/OBO usd. 3rd.) Trade offers are welcome, but he only wants...
  11. BradenK

    I need to vent!!!

    Sorry, but I need to get this out because it is eating at me. Last night in my league, I sold out in my last game. Playing 8 ball, my opponent was on the 8 ball and missed a very hard shot. I had 5 low balls left. I could have run out, and looking back probably should have. Instead, I tried...
  12. BradenK

    FS: Schon CX-52 Test Hit Only/Leather Wrap

    I just took this cue in on trade. Test hit only, it is a Schon CX-52 with a leather wrap. Cue is gorgeous, and hits like every other Schon I have ever owned: Stiff with nice feedback. Retail on this cue is $1200+. I am asking $750.00/OBO usd shipped CONUS due to the ivory. Also, an ivory...
  13. BradenK

    ^=^=^ FEELER: Trade Black Boar, Sugartree, Gill sneaky for a big cue ^=^=^

    This is a true feeler thread. I am contemplating trading three cues for one. I would be looking for a Black Boar, 6 point, preferably leather wrap with ivory over steel joint. I will look at all offers though. I would also consider trading for a Searing, Showman, or Mobley as well...In...
  14. BradenK

    -=-=-=-FS Predator 314(1st Gen. For my Black Boar) No Logo-=-=-=-

    I am selling this Predator shaft. It was turned from a Predator 314 1st edition blank especially for my Black Boar RS-4, so there is no logo on the shaft. It still has the original ferrule, and original Predator tip. The shaft is in like new condition, with no bluing or nicks at all. Rolls...
  15. BradenK

    *** I Need A Little Help With A Sugartree Cue Repair ***

    Hi All, I am in a slight quandry. I recently picked up a very nice Sugartree fancy sneaky. The very first night I took it out, I (stupidly) let a friend use it for a few racks. He dogged the 5 in a ring game and slammed the cue down on the bumper. Needless to say, he cracked the buckhorn...
  16. BradenK

    How to you Rep someone, whether it be good or bad?

    I see on my user cp I have like 8 or 9 comments from people all giving me green rep(I think). I really have no idea how to post these kinds of messages or how to rep someone. There are quite a few people I would like to give some green rep to. Any help is very appreciated. Thanks. Braden
  17. BradenK

    A Few Questions About Cue Construction---Need Answers.

    I know my way around a cue pretty well, but I am certainly no expert. I would like to increase my knowledge though. First: What are knifed in points? I am guessing it is a certain technique of inlaying points, but I am not sure. So, what is this, and can it be done on full-splice...
  18. BradenK

    ***My New Custom Case: Thank You Garth Bair***

    Garth Bair of On Q Cases is a very talented and wonderful guy to do business with. Any AZer thinking of having their own case built, I would HIGHLY recommend adding Garth's name to the list. Fast, reasonably priced, and excellent construction is what the customer receives. Plus, he even...
  19. BradenK

    *** I need shaft info PLEASE ***

    What exactly is a non-capped ivory ferrule? If you remove the tip from one of these types of shafts, will you see the sleeve of the ferrule and the wood as well? And do they play better? And is a ferrule-less shaft just end in a tip? Or is there something different about the area where there...
  20. BradenK

    *+*+*+* 4 EXCELLENT Condition Customs *+*+*+*

    These cues are not mine. I am listing these for a friend. PRICE REDUCTION PRICE REDUCTION #2 From left to right: 1) Chris Nitti 4 pointer with 4 veneers Ebony into BEM. Ivory diamonds in the points and buttsleeve. Dash rings at all locations(not sure if they are ivory) I...