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  1. Andrew Manning

    Pechauer Rogue Shaft

    Pechauer's new carbon fiber shaft seems to be available for order (no longer pre-order) on their website: Does anyone have any inside info about this shaft? Any deflection comparisons between the different diameters offered and other LD (CF or other) shafts on...
  2. Andrew Manning

    Energy Transfer Question

    Directed at the scientists and engineers out there: Controlling for tip hardness, how much variance in cue-to-ball energy transfer efficiency exists between different types of shafts? Jump cues and break cues make it pretty obvious that certain cues will hit the ball harder given the same...
  3. Andrew Manning

    Does the 20 count on the break?

    Settle something: if 2 players are playing 10b (call shot) for money, and they never mentioned 10 on the break when making the game, is it a win? Edit: goddamn it, you can’t edit a thread title.
  4. Andrew Manning

    Derby City Dress Code

    As I'll be packing for my DCC trip quite soon, what's the DCC dress code, not as written, but as enforced? I'm most comfortable playing in jeans and a T-shirt; if I show up for my matches in Levi's and a clean solid-color T-shirt is there any chance I'll be turned away?
  5. Andrew Manning

    DCC noob questions

    I've booked my flights and hotel for DCC this year. I'll be there for a few days (staying at the horseshoe) and I've entered the 9-ball event. What should I know, as a first-time visitor, spectator, and competitor? Who else is going? What's the best way to get from the airport to the casino...
  6. Andrew Manning

    Meet up in Las Vegas?

    I'm gonna be in Las Vegas with some time to kill tomorrow and Friday during the days. Anybody interested in shooting a few? Anybody have the latest intel on where to find good players to shoot with? I'll be staying on the Strip.
  7. Andrew Manning

    Corroborate a story?

    My sister's fiance, who is not a pool player, stops in at a new-ish pool hall in Richmond VA quite a bit to have a drink and chat with the regulars. He told me of a guy there who supposedly plays world-class straight pool, who ran a 424 in a money match against a "well-known touring pro from...
  8. Andrew Manning

    One-pocket etiquette

    A question to those that play the game more than I do: First the situation. I'm playing on a ball-return table, so balls have to be taken out of the return and put on the correct side of a rack attached to the table for score-keeping. I broke the first game, and when my opponent broke in...
  9. Andrew Manning

    Every time I order anything from Seybert's...

    ... the correct item arrives in perfect condition, faster than I expected. Thanks, Seybert's. You've inspired me to do some free advertising for you. -Andrew
  10. Andrew Manning

    Table Work Costs?

    I've been offered a "free" table by my father-in-law, but I need to figure out the costs associated with getting it to my house and getting it fixed up to where it would be a good practice table for me before I can decide whether I want to accept. The issues: 1) It's a 6-hour drive away, and I...
  11. Andrew Manning

    Pro vs. Joe 9-ball spot

    Say, hypothetically, there's a guy in the poolroom who's hypothetically an enormous pool geek and will jump at the chance to match up with a pro player regardless of how bad of a money-making proposition it is, as long as the stakes are affordable. Let's further posit that said purely...
  12. Andrew Manning

    Pool players studying 3C

    You hear commentators mentioning Efren's 3-cushion abilities all the time, and how they contribute to his magical level of cue ball control. Similar comments are often made about Ga-Young Kim on the womens' side of things, and Jeannette Lee to some extent as well. What I'm getting at is that...
  13. Andrew Manning

    Colorado Springs this week

    To whom it may concern, I'm going to be in the springs for work again this week, and will probably hit up Antiques on Wed. night. Maybe also Tues. night. Not woofing for action; my game's not in that kind of shape right now. But I do enjoy a beverage and a friendly game or two. Come up and...
  14. Andrew Manning

    Running Out of Gas

    I think we've all been there. You've been playing all day (or maybe all night), you were really in stroke 15 minutes ago, but some part of your brain has gone to sleep and your focus has totally lost its edge. You're losing accuracy and confidence by the stroke, and the balls start veering off...
  15. Andrew Manning

    Northern VA Weekly Tourneys

    So I took several months off from playing much pool, and have just now really gotten back into playing, and I have a touch of tournament fever coming off some moderate success at the Maryland State 9-ball tourney last weekend. What are my weekly tournament options in the Northern VA area these...
  16. Andrew Manning

    Co Springs, Tuesday night 11/15

    I posted in a Co Springs thread over in the action room too, but since I'm interested in friendly competition, "action" or not, I figured I'd repeat here. I'm going to be in Colorado Springs early next week, and plan to spend Tuesday evening at Antiques (I gather that's the players' room)...
  17. Andrew Manning

    Avoided the choke!

    I played a real set of 9-ball last night, and I won it! Background: I play for money a little bit, but I'm no gambler. If I bet $20, it's either because I'm already up $20, or because the set is long enough that I believe I'm going to get my $20 worth out of it, win or lose. Generally, due to...
  18. Andrew Manning

    One-pocket + game theory

    So I often hear it said that one-pocket is like chess. I personally think that's a pretty inaccurate comparison, because in chess when you moved king's knight to f3, you're absolutely guaranteed that when you're done, that knight will sit on that space. In one-pocket, every move includes a...
  19. Andrew Manning

    First Break, Sterling VA

    People in the DC area, come out and shoot tonight. I'll be there. Yeah, it's short notice. Whatever. Come out and shoot anyway. -Andrew
  20. Andrew Manning

    Effects of Tip Hardness

    A question for the Bob Jewett and Dr. Dave crowd: Has there been a scientific study of the effects of tip hardness on CB impulse, duration of contact, and location of miscue limit? Aside from anecdotal evidence, "from my 30 years hitting pool balls and judging them qualitatively without any...