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    what's it worth ?

    circa 69-75 original block print meucci... the blood stains "n teeth marks give it character....jk
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    C'mon watch pov ppv event

    ITS A GREAT MATCH BUSTAMANTE v. CHOHAN SCORE : 15 ALL in a RACE TO 21 what lm seeing are epic shots by Bustamante while Chohan valiantly fights back.... who will win from here...? for $12 you can see it for yourself while supporting the game ,the players and the future of American...
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    Some one post a picture of waterdog

    l heard so much and read so much about this man...l need to put a face with the story... please if any has a picture of Donnie "Waterdog" Edwards..POST UP and have my gratitude all the best, Cashrider.
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    whatta match !!

    anyone else see the Joey Dupuis Mike Dechaine finals on upstate als stream tonight,if ya did ,you know what lm talking about ...if you didnt see this match it and post your comments ...all l can about it is: WHATTA MATCH ! !
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    and the end of The Story of Danny Medina.....

    Obituaries Dan Medina (September 10, 1951 - January 18, 2013) Dan Medina Dan Medina, 61, of Brighton passed away January 18, 2013 in Brighton, CO. He was born in Talpa, New Mexico on September 10, 1951 to Roger & Sendida Medina. He is survived by One Daughter; Stephanie Gonzales of...
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    Danny medina

    JAY HELFERT RAY BIG TRUCK HANSON... and old friends of Mr. Medina PLEASE CALL ME 720-429-0633.................. lm going to visit him at hospital now... you 'll be able to speak to him It's critical.
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    danny medina says hello

    danny is at felt now anybody wanna say hello?
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    Fast eddies tour lubbock texas

    "i hear tell there's a shoot down in lubbock..." why no coverage ? Why no stream ?? Where's my car?
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    Rallying the troops !!!!

    If you are a friend / fan of DANNY MEDINA POST YOUR NAME HERE:
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    2words ...ike runnels ...okay now
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    ..........." to the choppa !" ............

    Thats the wood choppa : Live now in Sunny South Dakota : Join Olie and Megan on the mike.... Doin it ALL NITE LONG !!!!
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    the roadtrip guy ??

    who was the the guy that posted his pool roadtrip driving around the country in red vette ?? cant find the story browsing the site ...
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    Hate to be an "I told you so"

    Danny Medina. Champion -for-hire - 12-11-2008, 02:15 PM ATTENTION ALL STAKEHORSES / SPONSORS /TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS / LIVE STREAMERS Danny Medina is now available for all action: Sponsors - will represent your product with the pride and sincerity that only a true champion can bring to the...
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    EARTH TO IRONMAN to ironman...

    Ironman me as soon as possible....there's something FUNKYCOLD going on up in here [Denver Colorado] 720-233-3456 or call the Funk directly @ 720-468-7234. "He's baa aaaack." [to the
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    Arrrgh...... "here be action" FULL 64 PLAYER FIELD ...and who says the economy sucks ??? Well not in TEXAS !
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    Opinion poll for viewers of Live Stream

    Frequent Camera Angle Switching during play... l find it almost nauseating ....when my eyes are focused in a shot and the table layout to change my perspective,unannounced is is like spinning my seat around and dizzying...l actually had to stop watching a stream last night do this apparently...
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    The return of danny medina.....

    IF AND WHEN Danny Medina returns from paying his debt to society who will emerge ? Do you think he will ever play competitive level pool again ? How a man handle adversity reveals his character.... What say you...pool community ?
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    THE BIGTRUCK SHOW..(toot-toot)

    Public Service Announcement follows... (hold to seats and prepare to be amazed) THE DENVER OPEN 10 BALL SHOOTEM UP ...featuring BIGTRUCK ,his lovely assistant and a cast of , lets just a say a bunch...TOP PLAYERS !! THE WORLDS BEST SWEAT BETTERS SITTIN ON THE RAIL and of course COLD BEER...
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    showing now ! DENVER 10 BALL O P E N ! ! !

    The big truck show has rolled into the mile -high city get some !!!!!!!
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    APEARING LIVE NOW !!!! ATM !!! The

    reincarnation of the old school players of years gone by...Keith McCready comes to mind ... go to and judge for yourself ....his match starts at 8:15 CST... BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID of this young phenom !!! mid west 9ball tour the midwest where...