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  1. BigDon

    Servo vs stepper resolution

    Servos like Clearpath and so on are gaining popularity quick. Normally most people with a stepper driven 4th axis would use a 50 or 100:1 ratio. Would a servo allow you to bring that down to a lot lower ratio and still have good resolution? I have a choice on motors to finish off my cnc. Is...
  2. BigDon

    4th Axis Backlash

    So backlash on a 4th axis is measured in arc seconds and minutes. I have seen them advertised from a couple seconds to 15 plus minutes. I know anything in the seconds would work just fine but I am not looking to spend thousands on a indexer. So if my math is right something with 8 arc minutes...
  3. BigDon

    Spindle control in Mach

    Hey guys I was wondering before I wire up everything if some one had any opinions. I am starting to get the wiring done for my new cnc. I will be using a Tekno Electrospindle and Mach3 or 4 for control. I can either wire it to a relay to turn on and off the spindle with speed control on the vfd...
  4. BigDon

    Rotating Taper bars

    FS - Taper bars! 4 sided rotating fixture with two adjustable taper bars. One for butts and one for shafts. I never got around to putting any straight taper bars on there but that can easily be done. These are mounted on 8020 Inc. 1010 profile legs, you can attach these to your work top or...
  5. BigDon

    CNC board ?

    I have been given some really good advice so far on my cnc build thanks to TW, Royce and several others. I would like to know if anyone has any experience with the Leadshine MX3660? I know Royce had suggested the G540 but this drive is fairly new so wasn't sure if that was the hold back. Has...
  6. BigDon

    Need help with Cue Companion

    Hey guys, I picked up a Cue Companion as travel lathe so I don't have to keep moving my 6 foot Mid America. Anyways it has the standard non-reversing motor on it. I have some KB controllers. I should be able to wire this up with a KB and have reverse with this motor correct? Sorry, electrical...
  7. BigDon

    Skyline Limited Lathe?

    Hey guys, I have come across someone with a 11x36 Skyline Limited lathe. I have not went to see it in person but the pics look OK so far. I just have never dealt with one, has anyone on here had any experience with them? Thanks Donnie!
  8. BigDon

    QC Tool Holder Holders

    Hey guys, just wanted to share in case nobody has seen these yet. I just got two in and they work great. I am not associated with this company but did chat a bit with Tim in email and so far am very pleased. He also has deremel holders, indexing plates and other custom made tools. Web is...
  9. BigDon

    DC motor control help

    I searched and found some info on this but still have some questions. I have a 2.5 H.P. treadmill motor but no control board. I had noticed some guys talking about a mc60 board and some spoke of a KB board but when I looked them both up, it don't look like they would work. My motor is a 90v but...
  10. BigDon

    Market Prices for Schon R-12

    Hey guys, I have this Schon R-12 that I am looking to list for sale but not really sure what the market is like. I thought maybe you guys could give me an idea of what I should be asking. I am looking to upgrade some of my cue building and repair stuff and I am using this to raise some funds...
  11. BigDon

    Pantograph Help

    Hey guys, I am looking at building a pano. I have not really used one much, so any help would be great. I had read something about having to increase the stylus size by the amount of the reduction from your cutting bit or something like that? I was also curious as to about how long of arms you...
  12. BigDon

    Schmelke, Cue Componets or ?

    Who makes a decent full splice or butt blank for the money? Not looking to spend Davis kind of money but looking for a decent butt blank to make some break cues and j/b out of. Any help? Thanks guys!
  13. BigDon

    Kamui killing me

    Hey guys, sorry I am sure there is other threads but didn't see any. I am having problems getting some of the Kamui blacks to stay on. I have no problems with any other tip but these. I do install these probably 3-1 over anything else but these are the only problem. I have tried scoring the glue...
  14. BigDon

    Need help. Workstation/Tournament Cart

    Hey guys I am on the hunt for a rolling/mobile workstation to work tournaments with. I am not having a lot of luck so far. Something 4-6' long and overhead lighting would really be nice. Any ideas? What do you guys find that works well? As always I really appreciate any help, without you guys...
  15. BigDon

    Hard, soft or liquid

    Hey guys, I am trying to figure out what most makers are having success with for shaft wax and tip burnishing. I have been using Unique liquid shaft wax and it seams to work OK but still not getting what I am looking for. I have not tried the Tiger line but I see they have Bees wax and hard wax...
  16. BigDon

    Samsara tip on phenolic

    Hey guys, I need some help. I have put some samsara tips on regular ferrules with no problem so far. The problem I am having is putting one on a phenolic ferrule. I glued one on using loctite gel and it popped off after about 5 good breaks. I glued it on like normal, first letting a coat dry on...
  17. BigDon

    Shine on phenolic

    Anyone tell me the best way to shine a phenolic ferrule? Do you need to sand to a certain grit? Wet sand? Whats your best method? Thanks
  18. BigDon

    Wiring Help

    Hey guys, I am hoping someone can help me. I will be building a simple wrap/cleaning lathe and would like to have a speed control knob but also be able to plug in a foot control when needed. Anyone wired one like this? Thanks guys
  19. BigDon

    Laser Engraving

    Hey guys, I am looking to maybe get into the laser engraving/cutting business. I am trying to see where the market is for this type of service. I know a few builders engrave pins and so on. These being done in house or farmed out? Would more people have things done if there was a service...
  20. BigDon

    Any LO,players or room owners give some info on NAPA

    Hey everyone, I am looking for any players, room owners or league operators that are involved in the new NAPA league. I have been looking for a good league to bring to my area and this one has caught my attention. Can anyone give any feedback on NAPA please?