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  1. pacemonster

    3C near Colorado Springs CO

    I will be going to Colorado Springs CO in May. Would like to play some 3C billiards while I'm there. Will be the first time for me visiting CO. Are there any places to play near Colorado Springs? I've managed to find a room or private residence everywhere I've traveled so far and have met a...
  2. pacemonster

    Running a tournament with one table

    Pretty much the title says it all. Looking for help on how to accomplish this. Since we only have one table (thankful for that btw), I know having tournaments will help grow the game in our area and introduce more people to the game. Thank you all for your assistance in this matter. Mike
  3. pacemonster

    Earl's sword

    What is up with Earl's cue these days? Looks like he has about 3 layers of tennis racket wrap on it. Is it still considered a Gulyassy cue?
  4. pacemonster

    Craig "Pineapple" Morris passing

    I just heard that Craig Morris has passed. I wanted to share the news with everyone here as many of you may have known him. He was a fixture as the doorman at many US Open 9 Ball Championships handing out roses to all the ladies in attendance. He was a certified instructor and very...
  5. pacemonster

    Unfamiliar game

    I went to a pool room yesterday to check out the tables. On the table next to me, there were about 10 Asian guys playing some game I'm not familiar with. It's obviously a betting game. They had the standard red, white, and yellow balls on the table. But there were little wooden pegs at various...
  6. pacemonster

    Places to play in VA

    Besides the one Gabriel 5x10 at Q-Masters in Virginia Beach, are there any other places with 3 cushion tables in Virginia. I know there used to be some places to play in Richmond (Side Pockets and Playing Field) but they closed long ago. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.