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    I'll be up until 11 pm
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    Sorry but I do not remember how to send a pm. My text is 3095092255 or email me
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    I just sold the only Justis case I had but I do have 3 Flowers cases and I've wondered for years what is behind their almost identical appearances. Who came first there? How did it come down? I've always cherished my Flowers cases above the Justis cases I've had. What's the rap on these cases?
  4. JimS

    Everything I have...

    Please forgive my ignorance... haven't been here for years. No pool for 15 years. Been a sick puppy. Barely lived through it. I also have several used Justis 2x4 red/brown excellent condition, older style not the light weight case.. slight wear at top of tubes. I have no idea what to ask for it...
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    Trolling collector cue casas prices not set about 70 nice ones and 39 or 40 cheap one

    Cleaning house! I don't know as yet how I will manage listing these. I 'll have to get some help (I've had health issues) but I thought I would photograph them with my iPhone so you can view them and get really close. I'll stack them, number the cue with "yellow Sticky notes, type up a...
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    Earl and Reyes?

    Did I miss it? I think I missed it. What was the outcome?
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    Rumrunners outcome?

    Is there a place where I can view the brackets?... or just see the final results? Thanks, :groucho:
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    Lighting for a 9ft table

    I had a light built. It's 8ft long over a 9' Diamond table, 6 bulbs 8' each. I like green cloth... in my day pool tables were green, period! :groucho: I could have bought a Diamond light for what I ended up spending on mine.
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    DCC Saturday coverage times

    I'm thinking about buying Accu-Stats streaming but want to know the times before I do it. What is Saturdays streaming schedule? Thanks, Jim
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    US OPEN, Souquet & Ouschan missing?

    Any new on why Ralf and Jasmine aren't playing?.. or did I just miss their names.
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    Mark Wilson contact info?

    My buddy and I are talking about a couple day trip to maybe visit Chuck Starkey and thought we'd also like to see Mark. My buddy took lessons from Mark back in the 80's when he was in the Quad Cities and he'd love to see him again... and I took a lesson from Mark a few years back and I'd love a...
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    Check out my Chuck Starkey Gems!
  14. JimS

    My Chuck Starkey Gems

    Check out my Chuck Starkey Cue Collection. :groucho:
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    SVB v Bartrum

    He must have not shown. No way SVB shuts him out. Right? What happened? I thought that might be one helluva match.
  16. JimS

    I like 15.75 oz for playing and breaking. Anybody use a lighter cue?

    I have a Chuck Starkey cue that comes in at 15.75 oz and has no ferrule and a Super Pro tip. I can feel every nuance of the contact between the tip and the cb and I love that.
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    Little Joe will be 69 Saturday! Happy Bday!!

    Joe is a wonderful pool player, a great teacher and a man that just loves this game! Joe is a good man and a fine friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE.
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    New Cases. Any Experience with them or the seller? I found some pretty cool looking new cases for sale and am wondering if anybody has any experience with the cases or the seller. On Labor Day I emailed them and the representative in NJ called me within the hour. He says he'll contact the seller in Europe...
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    You may be able to relate..... :groucho:
  20. JimS

    3x6 Justis and 3 cues on ebay.

    Like it says. Not mine. Just passing it on.