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  1. will8834

    Adcock Sneaky Pete

  2. will8834

    Cue shop for sale

    No longer available
  3. will8834

    Veneers for sale

    sold Phone 812-204-2132
  4. will8834

    unique wrap fixture for sale

    I have the fixture and the template and I believe the video. Price 325.00 Shipped OBO in US you can contact me at 812-204-2132 Thanks Will
  5. will8834

    wanted to buy green PEARLESCENT Rod

    Send me a pm if you have some to sell
  6. will8834

    Cocobola Birds eye

    Adcock cue Low Deflection ferrul-less shaft 16.7 oz but 3.2 oz shaft length 58 12.5mm shaft 3/8 10 pin Sold
  7. will8834

    miter blade and jig

  8. will8834

    Taig CNC for sale or trade

    I have a 4 axis taig cnc mill with Gecko control box. The set up was bought from deepgroove cnc. I also have the Sherline Rotary table with chuck and tail stock. I will also include bobcad v 23 with the training CD's I will also include the pc I have...
  9. will8834

    Leopard and Spalted Maple

    Here is a cue I recently finished Forearm Leopard Wood Points Spalted Maple Wrap Black Linen Butt Sleeve Curly Maple with Leopard Wood Saturn Ring Weight Butt 15.9 oz Shaft around 3.5+ You have a choice of a standard shaft with a ferrule or a low deflection shaft without a ferrule Pin 3/8 10...
  10. will8834

    Evansville Indiana 4-29 - 5-1 8 Ball

    Rivercity Eagles 1824 W. Franklin Evansville In. 47712 812-422-4956 John Ulrich Cell 812-746-0159 Devin Martin Cell 812-760-0784 Entry 35.00 Friday Calcutta Starts at 7:00pm Winners Side Race to 4 Loosers Side Race to 2 Valley Tables APA Rules
  11. will8834

    Bacote and Birdseye

    I recently finished this cue. Buyer will have choice of a low deflection ferrul-less shafts or standard shaft. Wood: Bacote and Birdseye Butt weight 14.7 oz Shaft 3.5 oz will very slightly dependent on choice of shaft 12.7 mm pin 3/8 10 58 inches long blood wood rings Choice of tip Price sold
  12. will8834

    birds eye blood wood

    I recently finished this cue. Buyer will have choice of a low deflection ferrul-less shafts or standard shaft. Wood: Birds eye and blood wood Butt weight 14.55 oz Shaft 3.4 oz will very slightly dependent on choice of shaft 12.8 mm pin 3/8 10 58 inches long Choice of tip Price Sold Pending...
  13. will8834

    purple hart Osage 4pt

    I did not get the point even on this cue so I am going to discount it. Butt 15 oz You can choose a low deflection shaft without a ferrule or I will put A ferrule on it. Shaft approx 3.5oz The joints are water buffalo horn and the butt cap is water buffalo horn Pin 3/8 10 Shaft 12.7 mm Wood...
  14. will8834

    Sneaky Pete

    Here is a Sneaky Pete I recently finished. The shaft is a low deflection shaft without a ferrule. Rosewood into maple Shaft 3.35oz Butt 14.75 29 inches long 12.75 mm shaft Emerald Tip Forward Balanced Price Sold If you are not satisfied with the cue it may be returned within 3 days of...
  15. will8834

    LTB Unique Products Leather Wrap Fixture

    The title says it all, pm me if you have one for sale.
  16. will8834

    Larger Banding Bit

    I see MLCS has a larger 90 degree banding bit in stock now. Anyone tried one yet.
  17. will8834

    Free raffle for all Veterans of the armed forces

    It has been awhile since I have done a free raffle for those who have served our country. The last time it was for active service members, this time it is for all veterans of the U.S armed services. The only stipulation is you need to post a photo of you in your uniform and duty station it was...
  18. will8834

    Low Deflection Shafts For Sale

    The price is $100.00 shipped CONUS The shaft does not have a ferrule along with other construction techniques to reduce the deflection. Available Joints 5/16 14, 5/16 18, 3/8 10, 3/8 11, Radial Price includes collar in black phenolic, white juma, natural phenolic You may also choose to have...
  19. will8834

    Joss West

    I have a Joss West I am making some shafts for and the pin looks like 5/16 14 but the inserts I have do not fit. The pitch on the threads seems to be different. I tried other JW shafts on the cue and they do not fit either. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. will8834

    Deroo Cue Extension

    I am ordering cue extensions from Deroo Cues. The minimum order is 12 and I really do not need 12. The price comes out to $25 each, if you would like one or more reply to this thread. Shipping is additional