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    Women One Pocket Players

    vivian villarreal absolutely does. keep in mind there are no womens only events (at least to my knowledge)
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    SJM at the 2023 Derby City Catastrophe

    As someone who lives in the area the location is god awful. The road freezes over in winter and makes it a nightmare to get there or leave. There are plenty of places that could be used for this event including even the old location (now called the crown plaza I believe). It might cost more for...
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    4-1/8” Corners at the Derby?

    it seemed like matches were taking a lot longer and people were hanging up and rejecting balls o even on new cloth. outside of top players i didn’t see a run of more than two from anybody and even decent players were missing hangers. it changed the game thst is for sure and i think the tables...
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    Predator cue question

    it would nice if they made a radial version of the laminated butt cues
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    Sold Ed Robinson Ebony 4pt cue 4x veneers linen wrap radial pin

    bump Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    BK2 Shaft Uniloc (Shaft onLY) - sold

    I have a great condition uniloc (the only way they were ever sold) BK2 shaft for sale. The tip i'm unsure on. $150 plus shipping. located in louisville, ky I just don't use it or need it.
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    Sold Dominiak maple butt only with radial joint pin

    Dominiak butt - maple with a linen wrap and radial pin 15.2oz on my scale rolls straight on its own and straight when I put a revo shaft on it $150 plus shipping -
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    Action Break Cue Sport Grip Used

    $120 plus shipping - paypal FNF or venmo only Phenolic tip. barely used at all. Heavy (probalby 22oz). breaks very well Note this is not a jump break just a break cue. Would be a great starter break cue or an extra for someone to keep in the car.
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    Don Sherman of Sureman Cues Has Passed

    rip, sorry for your loss. he was quite a character and a real wealth of knowledge.
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    WTB Three Piece Travel Cue

    just buy a 32 inch suitcase problem solved
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    Sport Wraps

    I realize most people hate these things but is there anywhere to buy a wrap similar to what you would find on a predator sport cue? The "sleeve" wraps like longoni are not the same.
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    Chess Clocks in Tournaments?

    shot clocks penalize people who literally move slower. make it a minute per shot and perhaps we can figure something out. if you need to get a bridge too bad. if you drop chalk too bad. shot clocks make no sense for casual play
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    Tony Sauer cue maker Legit???

    tony built a cue butt for me at a great price in only a few months . many others have said the same and his cues are everywhere here i get the vibe there might be more to this story
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    Sold diamond 7’ light cocobolo stain LED

    two lamps and im unsure on the shipping charges but i would estimate 150-200 max
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    Radial shafts not fitting well on non-predator cues

    I have multiple revos and this is the same situation with every single one of them unfortunately.