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    Tight Pockets

    Does anybody else struggle with tight pockets? My buddy got new rails cut for his table that make the pockets right at 4". It was kinda fun at first because it's noticeably difficult, and forces you to have a precise stroke & aim. However, after some months I have begun noticing my overall level...
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    Counterfeit Cues by Rackattach

    FYI, username Rackattach has been intentionally misrepresenting cues and shafts to increase his profits on the sale. It has come to my attention that he is misleading people to believe he & I are somehow friends or partners, whatever, and that they shouldn't buy my cues if they have ringwork...
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    Easy guess

    Anybody know the foream/butt wood?
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    Stumbled on a lucky find at Woodcraft. They had a flitch board of chechen, loaded with quilt and some curl, even has some pomele going on. PIA because it's a lot of effort to get it from that into turning squares, and it's a $500 slab, but was worth it. I don't see chechen like that very often...
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    Attaching pics from album

    Dumb question probably, but how do I get pics from my AZB album into a post?
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    Big old maple

    Here's a big maple from a neighbor farm. The old farmer is in his mid 70s and says the tree was this size when he was a kid. It had been mostly dead for a long time and rotted at the base. I cut out the best stretch of log that would fit in the tractor bucket. Otherwise I'd have cut it longer...
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    Is this cheating?
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    Pic test

    Trying pic
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    "A" joint

    So in another thread, there's a little discssion going on about "A" joint adhesives. It's a topic I am immensely interested in, so I figured I'd begin a new thread so to not side track the other. Here's some pics of a typical "A" joint of mine. I begin with a 3/4" tenon on the back of the...
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    Middle TN Pool Rooms

    Recently relocated to Manchester, Tn. It's 30 minutes south of Murfreesboro, 45min-1hr south of Nashville, and the same north of Chattanooga. Looking for a pool room as local as I can find, but would like to know of all the rooms in my area, and possibly meet some folks from the region.
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    Domestic cue woods

    A fellow mentioned Colorado maple in another thread, and it caused for question by another guy. I posted a few pics & promised I'd also show pics of rocky mountain maple. While I was taking pics, I figured I'd shoot some other domestics as well, stuff that grows in our back yard but hardly ever...
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    Brazilian rosewood ID fun

    With all the rosewood talk, and folks loving Brazilian so much, I thought maybe it would be fun to see if anybody can correctly identify the one piece of Brazilian in this lineup of suspects. Further yet, maybe try identifying all of them. There's Brazilian, Guatemalan, Mayan, Amazon, cochen...
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    Wood score!

    Thought I'd share some pics of nice Texas mesquite. Gotta mill them up. One is burly. Milled one small log up & got 24 squares. Four more to go. They don't look it, but they are 4.5' long. I had to buck them short like that because of the crooked nature of the tree. There's one more tree to get...
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    Where else do you see this?

    Tamarisk Gambel oak Rocky mountain maple Tamarisk I love obscure woods. Might get a cue blank or two from these. Milled seven of the tamarisk logs, two oak burls, & four rocky mountain maple burls. Got two more maple burls & several more tamarisk to mill, one tamarisk burl that is about...
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    FAKE Sugartree cues

    There seems to be somebody signing "Sugartree" under the bumper of cues that I did not build. I do not know who it is or know why they're doing it, but they are succeeding in ripping people off. Ebay seems to be their trade avenue. Let me be very clear about this. I only signed a few cues like...
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    Sugartree cues update

    My cue making is going on indefinite suspension. Life is going a different direction & cues are at the bottom of my priority list, and will be indefinitely. My daughter graduates high school this year. My son started soccer. I'm a full time student again. My wife is still active duty. When I...
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    My new toy(s)

    Just got these babies. I always wanted a Beretta over/under and finally got a good opportunity to get one. To fit these into the "cue gallery" I will add that I traded a cue for them :thumbup: The detail in the etching on the Beretta is awesome & very fine. It's an older one from around mid to...
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    Grainless Elforyn experiment

    Ok so I made a couple ferrules from it & installed them. I haven't played with them enough to really give an opinion yet, but thus far they seem to have a medium soft feel, which is kinda cool because it tames down the sharp, edgy feeling of the tip I prefer. They are also not as noisy as many...
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    In light of Brent's thread, I got to wondering how many folks know just how many cues never make it reality because of simple imperfections like what he showed. I'm sure every cue maker on earth (that cares) has cues that just didn't work out & became a complete loss. Here are a couple of my...
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    Juma vs. grainless Elforyn, FERRULES

    For those well experienced with both materials, what's the difference? I can see a few shades difference in color, and a slight difference in weight. The Juma is more yellow & a little heavier. Aside from that, can anybody discern the differences in playability, feel, and durability? Has anybody...