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  1. BumpnRun

    Free Livestream right now 10-Ball Poison Tour

    At Strokers in Palm Harbor. Several good match-ups still to play. Donny Mills, Hunter Lombardo, Tommy Kennedy, Jesse Engels, James Roberts and Mike L??? were still in it when I left. :cool:
  2. BumpnRun

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Sorry, I saw it so you have to as well... Spring is in the air...
  3. BumpnRun

    Any info on Zak Custom Cues?

    I have an opportunity to buy a nice looking cue with four sharp points and a lizard wrap signed Zak. Comes with two shafts with ivory ferrules. I was told by the owner of the cue that it comes from Canada, but I haven't seen anything on AZ except a Zac that is currently for sale. I don't think...