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  1. jaydog468

    Cue blanks

    The cue maker will stay nameless. He does build some high end nice cues. These blank are box elder with maple cores and are resin impregnated. $150 each and I will cover the ride. Money order only I shut down my paypal. If you are in DFW I can drop off to you or meet you.
  2. jaydog468

    One John Davis

    Ok I was saving this one for my self. This one will ship for Jon spitz's shop. This one is $150 shipped. Straight grain maple with thuya burl points. Maple,lime green,cherry,light blue veneers. It has a matching thuya butt piece. I have a p.m out on this one so we will give it 24 hours. First...
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    Wood sold as of now.
  4. jaydog468

    John Davis short splice

    Look like these are gone. I will be shipping on Monday. Thanks guys.
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  6. jaydog468


    No cue work in the shop today but we did get to build a rubber band gun for my brother-in-law. He has autism and did about 90% of it on his own. I set all the parts out and he glue,assembly,clamp.
  7. jaydog468

    wrap jig for sale

    unique products magic wrap jig $250 plus shipping. I have the DVD too. The plastic cutting broad is gone. Other then that everything is there. I can text pics if you want. The first person to post "sold" in this thread will be the one who gets it. Feel free to call or text me 214 603 8050...
  8. jaydog468

    Verizon MiFi 2200 Mobile hotspot

    This is new still in the box never used. Will trade for anything billiards. Lathe tools, wood, cue, case, tips. Hit me up with all offers. Price from Verizon is $269.99. Key Features Mobile Broadband Capable Connect to the Internet using one of our wireless devices or Mobile Broadband...
  9. jaydog468

    email for Richard Harris

    I have one of Richard's cues in my shop and it need some repaire work. Phone number or email would be great.
  10. jaydog468

    Shaft wood

    I was looking to build up some shaft wood and found ROLAINE Enterprises. Any one buy from them? Just looking for some info. Thanks Jay Harper
  11. jaydog468

    my first build

    getting close... Let me know what you guys think.:thumbup:
  12. jaydog468

    Alternative Ivory

    I pick up some of this material "Alternative Ivory" from prather cues. Wondring if any of you guy have any experiance with this material on how its hits. I was going to use it for the joint in a new build. Thanks Jay
  13. jaydog468

    Lacewood Coker

    The wife say she going to play pool agian and wants to keep the cue.
  14. jaydog468

    super glue

    Has anyone try the super glue gel with the brush??? I pick some up tonight and going to give it a shot
  15. jaydog468

    Thanks JoeyInCali

    i just wanted to say thank you so much. It was way more than I could have possibly expected. I felt like a little boy on christmas morning. It seemed like every time i looked in the package I was getting something else. It was great. Im very excited and Im headed back into my "cue cave"...
  16. jaydog468

    tips and ferrules

    Any one have some cheap tips and ferrules they would like to sale me? Just for practice on my new lathe... I can order some, was thinking maybe you guys would have some thing laying round thats not being used:thumbup:
  17. jaydog468

    Bender on Ebay looks iffy

    Mike good luck with you sale sir.... The cue is liget, if you want A BENDER don't let this one get away
  18. jaydog468

    Hager cue extension

    I have (1) Hager cue extension in 16" 25.00 shipped first class usps mail. I got this from DEACON and never use it. Here is DEACON pics of it...:grin:
  19. jaydog468

    lacewood coker

    I just got it back from Tom coker last week. Cue looks new. Any ways sam AKA poolplayer2093 wanted to post some pics so here they are. The cue is all lacewood joint, butt cap. Let me know what you guys think. Pics suck sorry the best I could do. :smile:
  20. jaydog468

    WTB A cheap used 2x4 cae

    Like the title said. Just a cheap used 2x4 case for a friend who is not a azer. Show me what you got.