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  1. ericyow

    Sniper Tips (5 available)

    I have 5 Sniper tips that are for sale. I listed one on ebay - Starting bid is $10, buy it now for $14. If you want it, bid or buy it. If you want it +4, let me know and we can sort it out. If you buy...
  2. ericyow

    FS: Joe Bouska 09 Jump Cue, Dymondwood, $160

    Sold fast on ebay!
  3. ericyow

    4 Eric Yow Masse Cues available - $250 shipped

    4 Eric Yow Masse Cues available - $200 shipped I have for sale 4 Eric Yow Masse Cues that are preproduction versions, before we settled on the specific dimensions, etc. They are the same fit and finish of the production cues with the exception that they are not numbered on the cues. I have 3...
  4. ericyow

    3 Used Lucasi Jump Cues $25 each

    SOLD - Thanks.
  5. ericyow

    World Champion Masse Instruction

    Just thought I'd post here to let people know that I offer private/group Masse Instruction with great rates. I am regularly contacted by aspiring players who long to do what I do with the masse, so for a few years I've been offering lessons. Many of my students have been novice players. Many...
  6. ericyow

    WTB: Dymondwood Jump Cue to use on ESPN

    I need to find a dymondwood jump or a dymondwood jump/break cue. There are a few shots I want to shoot on Trick Shot Magic next year and I need this cue to get it done because it jumps the hardest and highest. If you have one or can build one, please let me know. If you have a jump cue that is...
  7. ericyow

    Yow news story- how can I save this video?

    Hey ya'll. A few weeks ago a reporter did a story on me. I want to save that video somehow. It's something I'd love to show the grandkids one day but I don't know how to save it. Can you help? I'll really appreciate it. I tried finding a...
  8. ericyow

    Building a house, 12' ceiling...lights to install?

    I searched for answers but have found none. My question is this: I'm building a house and have just got it dried in. My electrician asked me what lights I need over the pool table and I didn't know what to tell him. The room is adjacent to the great room with a wide open-air feel, so I don't...
  9. ericyow

    Eric Yow Masse Cues and Jump Cues - PREORDERS!

    Greetings, Eric Yow Masse Cues and Eric Yow Jump Cues are ready for pre-order! Let me tell you about these Signature Eric Yow cues: Eric Yow Masse Cue - 49", 24oz, comes with a hard, layered "Husar" tip, stainless steel ferrule, and two shafts (retail $350) Eric Yow Jump Cue - 40", 10oz...
  10. ericyow

    Trick Shot Magic 08 Line-up Released - BIG NEWS! Guess who?! I'm SO excited. October 1-2 at Las Vegas Airs: tbd "Praise Him from whom all blessings flow."
  11. ericyow

    Yow, in the news. Traveling Exhibition soon

    I made the newspaper in Nashville! It's exciting, so I thought I'd share it with you guys, along with some other good news. I'm working with a table manufacturer to provide me with a table so that I can take my show on the road...
  12. ericyow

    Andy Segal wins 2008 Dr Cue Artistic Cup at DCC

    Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman put on the first annual Artistic Cup this past weekend at the Executive East, next to the 3 Cushion event. It was an absolutely wonderful event for players and spectators alike. The winner was Andy Segal, the same Andy Segal who won in Russia last month to earn the title...
  13. ericyow

    Andy Segal wins 07 World Artistic Pool Championship in St. Petersburg, RUSSIA!

    Full story here: It was AWESOME! I took sixth, if anyone cares. ;) Because Jesus Lives, -yow!
  14. ericyow

    passed the bar and sworn in!!! and a new masse clip :D

    I know this is kinda npr but I had to share it with my peeps: I found out that I passed the bar exam! I just got sworn in and admitted to practice law in TN. Praise HIM. So I've been terribly busy lately, hence my lack of posting. But, part of my time has been practicing for the 07 WPA...
  15. ericyow

    Pool halls in our around Gatlinburg, TN???

    I'll be in Gatlinburg TN this Thursday night and am interested in booking an exhibition of "Eric Yow's Trick Shot Madness." If you know of a room that might be interested, let me know, if you would. Thanks!!!
  16. ericyow

    FS: Meucci 97-12; Lucasi L-E24

    I've got two cues I need to get rid of as part of my Debt Snowball (Dave Ramsey...genious!). I know the retail of the cues so my 'used' prices, obo, are fair in my opinion. Both are in decent condition with normal, visible, wear and tear, and shoot great. Moori Medium on the Meucci and Le Pro...
  17. ericyow

    Eric Yow's Trick Shot Madness - booking shows

    Greetings, friends. Thanks for watching the ESPN2 show "3 Cushion Grandmaster." It was a blast and I'm glad you liked it. I aim to do much more in the future. Currently, I've graduated law school, taken the bar, and have moved to a new city to start work at a firm. Now that I've been in...
  18. ericyow

    Yow's spread in The Leaf-Chronicle newspaper

    Just thought I'd share this with ya'll. It was fun doing this interview/video/photo-op. Enjoy!
  19. ericyow

    3 Cushion Grandmaster, Aug 7, ESPN2

    Several have asked me to put up a reminder, and of course I don't mind at all - my espn debut is in 2 weeks. Don't forget! Set your tivo, mark your calendars, program your vcrs, and if you're in memphis, come to my party... Aug 7, ESPN2, 7:00pm EST - "3 Cushion Grandmaster" -yow!