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    8 ball safety

    A discussion came up about this, at the BCA State tourney in French Lick Indiana. Playing 8 ball Player A has stripes, he has no shot at his last ball, and calls a safe. His ball is declared frozen to the rail. He shoots the cue ball into his ball lightly, and the cue ball touches the rail...
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    R.I.P. William Dollar Bill Bell

    Sorry, didn't see the thread, since they used his other pool name, {Hemicudas}
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    Legends of the game in Dayton 1982

    I came across this on youtube, and since I used to go watch all the tournies in Dayton, back in the early 80's I thought I would post this link. There are a bunch of legendary players in this. It's a bunch of pictures from when Earl won his first big one. Gary Spaeth, Buddy Hall, Earl, Louie...
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    Congrats Tom McCluskey

    Midwest Bar Table Classic, ran by Mac Ashby at the Brickyard Billiards in Indianapolis, was won by Tom McCluskey. It was a top flight field again, and maybe the strongest since moving to Indy. Tom came back from the loser's side to beat Jesse Bowman twice. Other notable players were Glenn...
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    PRO pool players = to CEO's

    Most Pro Billiards players, are just like a CEO of a major corporation,,, They see a chance for a short term gain, and take it,,,, instead of looking at the long term. This is why we have no actual Pro Billiards tour. Greed for today, always kills tomorrow. I was thinking about this, while...
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    My first GSBT event, Good and bad

    This is my opinion, of my first GSBT event weekend. There are good points, and bad points. I had a couple of conversations with Shannon and Marge. I will be honest, and I hope it comes across as constructive, and not bashing. First, when me and my friends decided to go to this, I had heard...
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    Melissa Little

    I was going thru the brackets at the USBTC, and seen where our own Melissa Little beat Glenn Atwell last night in a loser side match..... She must be playing pretty sporty....Nice job Girl..... Glenn is a great player. Best of luck to you today. Keep knockin em' in.....
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    Vegas tip

    For those of you who are going to VNEA in Vegas, here are a couple of tips for you. First off, if you fly into Vegas, and take a taxi to the Riv, or a hotel near it. Make sure you tell the driver to take you down Paradise road. Some of them will try to take you out to the Interstate, "because...
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    Congrats to the women at U.S. bar table

    Congratulations to all the AZ women who attened the U.S. Bar Table event. Sunny with a nice 5th-6th finish. Amanda Lampert with a nice 3rd place finish. Tina Pawloski in a great 2nd, and Melissa Little for a fabulous win. Congratulations ladies, fine shooting.
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    Efren and John Brumback

    Do these 2 players have something in common? Maybe from way back in time, some ancestry? I always hear about Efren, and how humble he is, with his I got lucky line. And it's true. A great Champion. A great role model. An all around nice person, who is feared, but loved. Shortly after the bank...
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    AZ room at DCC

    I'm not sure, but last I heard, we didn't have enough donations to cover the cost of the AZ/ One room. I know there are at least 40 people from the combination of the 2 sites, going to the Derby. I'm kind of wondering why anyone going, wouldn't kick in a measley $25 to be able to play...
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    CSI in Muncie

    My take, on the CSI stop in Muncie. After the initial introductions, Earl started off the show, doing a few trick shots. He then does a few of his stroke shots, {which I have to say, he should do more of} that are pretty incredible. The table he was on, I practice on pretty regular. The pockets...
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    Billiard Magazines

    I have a bunch of old National Billiard News, Pool and Billiard Mag..., Billiard Digest, American Cueist, Inside English, and a few other not so well known. I have been trying to compile a list, but work and kids have kept me from completing it. It will be done soon tho. Let me know if you mght...
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    Donnie Mills

    Why am I not seeing any mention of our own Donnie Mills on here? He's a regular poster here, and lokks like he has beaten some great players to reach the final 16 undefeated players. He's beat Frankie Hernandez, Tommy Kennedy, Steve Sones, Darren Appleton. Keep firing them in Donnie. Best...
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    Old billiard mag's for possible sale

    I am going to go thru these and post some of my favorite pictures, if I can get them scanned to an appropriate size. I did some of them a few months ago, and had to email them to someone else to post for me. Maybe I should have posted this in the for sale section. I'd still like to share a few...
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    I cheated to win my match

    Actually, she THINKS I cheated. I was playing in a tourney last night. It's a free entry deal. The bar adds $5 per person to the pot. We usually have about 20 to 30 players. There's a lady who comes almost every week with her boyfriend, and I have known her for a long time. We have never really...
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    need a special bridge for handicapped player

    Several years ago, Mike Massey had a company sponsoring him, that made a bridge with a string across the top. You could sit it on the table, shoot and lift the end of the cue, and the bridge would slide down the shaft. Anyone know if they still make these. There is a young lady, 26 years old}...
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    An action story A friend of mine emailed me this story. I'm not sure all of it is true, because we all know how much pool players and poker players like to stretch things. Does anyone know this guy? It's still a pretty good read.
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    VNEA Vegas tourney

    I just got back last night, and wanted to post a few things about my trip. First off, I played pretty well, and finished 13th in the Masters 9 ball, and 4th in the Masters 8 ball. My team placed in 8th in the Intermediate bracket. We made it to the redraw thru the losers side and got a fresh...
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    Just got Jay's book

    I just got back from the Indiana State pool tourney, and my book had arrived while I was gone. I plan to start reading it tonight. I'll let you all know soon. Usually takes me about a week to read all the way thru, maybe just a few days if I get lost in time, like I did about the Cornbread Red...