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  1. Antfarm

    Bob Frey Stunner

    ***** PRICE REDUCTION ***** $2000 I've got an amazing, nearly unplayed Bob Frey for sale. I've had this cue for about 6 years and I've put a handful of racks through it. It is imaculate and has been a closet queen. This is an all ebony cue with flame veneers of Red, Orange, and Yellow with...
  2. Antfarm

    Phillippi 1-of-1

    *****PRICE REDUCTION******* $1000 I'm selling a nice 1 of 1 Phillippi. Cue is ebony and bocote 4 pointer with ivory rings everywhere and 3 shafts. 1 shaft is standard, close to 13mm with an ivory ferrull and a standard elkmaster tip. 1 is standard close to around 11.5mm, with an ivory...
  3. Antfarm

    Black Boar Stunner

    Hey! Cue isn't available. Sorry! Thanks for looking R, Greg
  4. Antfarm

    African Blackwood Black Boar

    I’m looking for an African Blackwood Black Boar. Anybody got one you want to sell? Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
  5. Antfarm

    Frankfurt, Germany

    Hey everyone, Are there any decent places to play pool in Frankfurt, Germany? If so, what would you say are the best? I really need to push my game back to the next level again as I've been out of it for a couple of years now in Limerick, Ireland...nothing here. Also, are there any leagues...
  6. Antfarm

    Rusty Melton 2X2 Fully Tooled

    This case is phenomenal... Truly. I hate to get rid of it but I'm unemployed and moving to Ireland so I'm taking very little with me and need the money to get set up there. I got this case from a guy who had it made and he never used it either... it's been a closet queen in a protective sheath...
  7. Antfarm

    Fs - big group of high end cues (scruggs, black boar, sly, and predator)

    Fs - big group of high end cues (scruggs, black boar, sly) Here are the links for all of the cues I have for sale. Check these out. Some great collectors items here and just some big cues in general. NO TRADES. ALL NEW PRICES ON THREADS. R, Greg 1. Scruggs Hoppe. SOLD SOLD SOLD...
  8. Antfarm

    Fs - black boar as-4 (2 shafts)

    This is a great Black Boar in great shape. Not played with much and kept in a closet for years. Cue is straight. It’s a real beauty. Butt is in perfect shape, has a boars hide leather wrap, 5-16/14 piloted stainless steel joint, and weighs 15.5oz. All white except the butt cap is ivory. Birds...
  9. Antfarm

    Fs - rare tim scruggs ivory joint 6 pointer hoppe

    This cue is a thing of beauty. In fact, it looks like it has never been played. I haven’t played with it other than to test it out on a couple of balls. Kept in a closet since I’ve owned it. Butt is in perfect shape, has a leather wrap, big Timmy radial pin, solid ivory joint, and weighs 15oz...
  10. Antfarm

    Fs - really rare 80’s tim scruggs (2 shafts)

    Here is a rare early 80’s Tim Scruggs for sale. This cue used to be the display picture in the cue Blue Book. Timmy didn’t make very many big cues with a cocobolo butt cap and stainless steel joint. This cue is all original, straight, and in really good shape for its age. It’s been kept in a...
  11. Antfarm

    Fs - awesome tim scruggs 4 pointer hoppe (4 shafts)

    Here is a great player with a bunch of shafts so you can pick and choose what type you really want to shoot with. I used to play with this cue all the time and hate to let it go as I really love green veneers. This cue is in outstanding shape. All white is ivory and so are most of the ferrules...
  12. Antfarm

    Fs - rare leon sly jump break cue

    I’ve never seen another Leon Sly Jump/Break cue like this. It’s one of his early cues that still just has the S logo. The cue was originally made for Shaun Wilkie but I’ve had it for 6 or 7 years. Breaks really well but it jumps like a monster. The cue is stained maple (red on forearm and butt...
  13. Antfarm

    Fs - predator roadline quiet roller 1

    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx No longer for sale
  14. Antfarm


    Up for sale is a pair of Tim Scruggs radial pin joint protectors. 1 butt and 1 shaft. Asking Price: $40 plus $3 for shipping (paypal preferred - add 3%). SOLD PENDING PAYMENT NO TRADES R, Greg
  15. Antfarm

    FS - 1x2 GTF TUBE CASE

    Here is a very nice, new condition Black 1 Butt, 2 Shaft GTF compression tube style case. The compression is tight and the case comes with a brown protective sock. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD NO TRADES! R, Greg
  16. Antfarm

    WTB Meucci Gambler Shaft

    Like it says, I'm looking for a shaft for a Meucci Gambler cue. It needs to have the chain link rings. PM me with what you have. No aftermarket. It needs to be Meucci. R, Greg
  17. Antfarm

    BIG Ariel Carmeli!!!

    Last photo Last photo....
  18. Antfarm

    BIG Ariel Carmeli!!!

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  19. Antfarm

    BIG Ariel Carmeli!!!

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  20. Antfarm

    BIG Ariel Carmeli!!!

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