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    Russ Waldo cue. Very unusual!

    Great to hear from you Bill. Info I provided was to the best of my knowledge. Crank up that lathe and turn out some more classic cues. Roger
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    Sailor Holy Grail?

    Googled Frank Stellman. Died 2017 at 90. Lots of info. 3rd edition Blue Book puts the cue at $850 minimum. That is almost 20 years ago. Highest price probably achieved in Racine Wisconson. I started playing in 1971 and have only seen one Sailor in person.
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    Sailor Holy Grail?

    Butt sleeve appears to be bakelite.
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    Sailor Holy Grail?

    This cue is gorgeous. A ton of time and effort went into this creation. I have no idea of value, but I do thank you for showing this classic.
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    What types of wood are cue butts made of? How do they affect the way a cue hits?

    Macassar Ebony forearm and back with a maple grip is my favorite combination. Provides a well balanced cue with great feedback. All my shafts are selected by tone. Blanks are bounced on concrete floor. Hold loosely in the fingers while dropping end about 6 inches. A good shaft provides a high...
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    What types of wood are cue butts made of? How do they affect the way a cue hits?

    Every time I read similar posts I wonder if a balsa wood cue would as good as others
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    3/8 10 aluminum pins

    Sent pm as per orders from the hierarchy!
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    Table Stain

    Our tables at the 211 Club were sprayed with Scotch Guard Fabric Protecter. Spills were easily wiped up without staining.
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    Anyone know anything about this cue?

    Tell your friend to mount it on a wall and enjoy the fond memories of grandpa every time she looks at it.
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    Full 16 Ball-Tray Slam

    When that happened where I worked the balls were returned to the tray and the offenders were pointed to the exit.
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    Ordered online yesterday no problem.
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    Eddie O building my custom cue from scratch!

    He makes cue building look easy. His talent as a beginner is amazing. His basics playing pool need a little fine tuning.
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    Unknown cue from the North West (Tacoma)

    You are correct. Tom Hofstedt signed Huf to his cues and caricatues. He also played piano and sang. A very interesting man. Left us in 2018.
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    Would you call a foul on yourself?

    I was playing a famous player in a tourney in Missoula. He cued up very close to the cue ball. He had told me years before he did it because his stroke was not perfect.On this day he was playing with an altered state of mind. Partying all not and not sleeping. I called foul twice as his tip...
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    Settle a Bet

    I believe the change came about because too many people called the cues moochee.
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    Settle a Bet

    For many years yours was the accepted one. At some point, maybe in the 90s your friends choice was presented as correct.
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    Red layered tips

    Super Pro
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    What to do when we have a bad day

    I've always said that is what movie theatres are for. If you are playing go watch a movie and clear your mind.