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  1. desert1pocket

    Proposition bet - How many shots?

    I have been attempting to master this proposition bet, and I'm just curious how all of you would bet on it. I'm sure many of you are familiar with this one. The bet is to make the OB in all 6 pockets, starting with the straight in shot, and going around the table clockwise, using X number of...
  2. desert1pocket

    Instroke 3x7 case for sale $150 shipped!

    For Sale- maroon vinyl Instroke 3x7 case. This case has been around a bit, and is in fair condition, but still very functional. The old clasps broke off, and were replaced with heavy duty ring clasps. Price is $150 shipped anywhere in the cont. 48. Please PM me if you have any questions...
  3. desert1pocket

    Action in northern NM?

    I will be in the Santa Fe/Taos area for about 10 days starting next week, and would like to get some games in while I'm there. Are there any good places to play? If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance-
  4. desert1pocket

    Instroke 3x6 Case For Sale

    Instroke 3x7 Case For Sale- SOLD The case has been sold. Thanks-
  5. desert1pocket

    30" Predator Z Shaft For Sale

    SOLD! This was originaly purchased by a guy in my pool hall, and he only played with it for two weeks before going back to the standard 29" length. I bought it from him for use as a back-up shaft. It has mostly just hung out in my case, but I have used it a few times when my playing shaft was...
  6. desert1pocket

    Thoughts on phenolic cores

    I just wanted to get some cue makers opinions on phenolic cores. I play with predator shafts, and the new ones have a phenolic core that the insert is set into. I recently bought a new shaft, and got a sneaky butt with the shaft cause it only costs an extra $65 for a whole cue vs just the...
  7. desert1pocket

    Where to find players in Phoenix tomorrow

    A friend and I will be in Phoenix for work tomorrow, and will be done by about noon. We were hoping to maybe run into Gus Briseno, Scott Frost, Glenn Bond, or maybe some other one hole players when we finish with work. I heard that Glenn was back at Kolbe's, but my source on that is not always...
  8. desert1pocket

    Predator Sneaky Pete

    For those who were interested, here are some pics. The shaft I decided I would let go of has a mark on the ferrule from a tip pic. It gouged it pretty good, but it has been burnished to where you can't feel it at all. It is just cosmetic, and for some reason I couldn't get it to show very...
  9. desert1pocket

    Elephant Beautiful Ball Set

    Doing some cleaning and found these, I totally forgot I had them. I bought these brand new and only used them on my home table for a couple of months. I had to get rid of the table when I moved into a smaller home, and I hoped I would get another table soon, but I think that is a long way off...
  10. desert1pocket

    Accu-Stats and other pool videos

    I have some VHS pool tapes, but no VHS player. First $20 plus shipping gets them all. They are as follows: 1) Accu-Stats one pocket- Shannon Daulton def. Efren Reyes (2 tapes long). This is from the semi's of the Legends of One Pocket IV with great commentary by Bill Incardona and Grady...