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    First Joss cue impressions

    Joss Butt Predator Shaft Best Combo Ever made IMHO
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    Pro Players Aversion to Using Inside Spin

    I can play shots either way but I know I get a lot less skids with outside English IMHO
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    Advise to New Cue Admirers - Please Add Advice

    I think this is funny because I am the opposite I only care how it hits. I say when I am shooting I cant see what my cue even looks like. To each his own Likes & Dislikes PS I found my perfect combo Joss/Predator Shaft I just wish the shafts would stop warping/Will not go carbon!
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    Watching for a legal hit

    Agree 100%
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    Cue extension

    4" mid cue balance -rite Best thing that ever happened to my cue/game
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    Balance point

    Thanks I am still Laughing
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    Uncorking During Play

    Yes a 100 years ago when I would play for a few dollars guys would walk to the table when I was shooting the Game /Money ball and I would ask do I win ? Same as reaching in your pocket like your gettin out my money ? How bout sittin in the chair till the game is over ?
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    Sanchez Ruiz Dedication to Daz

    A+ FSR A+
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    Predator 314-2 vs 314-3

    Glad to hear that. I am not bad mouthing Predators I love the way they hit I just wish mine would stop warping !
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    Predator 314-2 vs 314-3

    I have had 1.2.&3 they all warp but I like 3 the least
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    ...And People Complain about $20 Chalk...

    What do you do and are they Hiring,LOL
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    Fatboy's Very Good Lawyer Advice

    Liar's, I mean Lawyers are my 2nd favorite people on earth
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    One Piece Cue

    About 20 years ago a guy walks in the Pool Hall watching me playing straight pool and says ya wanna hit some I say sure . Picks up a house cue and runs a 140 on me. Yeah House cues play OK I still laugh !
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    Jean Balukas HOF interview.......................

    That makes more sense. Maybe he meant to say 134
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    Jean Balukas HOF interview.......................

    Never went to West End, went to High Cue but heard a lot about those Killers coming in for the weekly tournament ! I hope the interviewer misspoke when he said her "High Run" was 34
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    My very accurate 3-rail kicking system. No crazy math required.

    Kicks only (Grady Mathews) 30 years ago !
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    Non-Matching Collar

    I need a pool hall psychologist for a number of issues also but I have found if you really don't like something, like the way a cue hits, looks or feels you never will. IMHO
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    Maybe this is one question that has never been asked.

    I gambled on pool years ago and In my personnel opinion most pool games are not gambling its stealing.(Someone is stealing ) I now go to a Pool Hall where the young kids call me Coach because if they ask me a Question I try to help them. I also give Lessons for very reasonable rates . I would...
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    AzBilliards Official Tip Poll

    agree cant seem to find any I like better IMHO