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  1. Pii

    Any good safe room in Philly PA ?

    I will be there for a few days and If I have time to shoot some I don't want to get killed. Is there a room near City Hall or that area that's nice? I'll be staying across the street form there and have no car so something close by would be nice. thanks Bill
  2. Pii

    Bob Frey FS

    Specifications: - Butt: 16.0 ounces - Shaft: 3.7 ounces, 13mm, LBM, Everest tip - 5/16x14 piloted stainless steel joint - Black phenolic joint collars with silver beauty rings - Some super curly, lightly stained birdseye in the forearm - Four dead-on, ebony points, razor sharp - Four razor...
  3. Pii

    Sugar Tree player

    Here's a nice Sugar Tree sneaky player. I consider this my best hitting cue (so far) Butt: 15.4 oz @ 29" Shaft: 3.85 oz, 12.93 mm, 29" Asking SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Thanks to DWBOD for the pictures.
  4. Pii

    Loaded SW

    Hate to do this but I want to go to the DCC A 6pt. Double Laminate, BEM onto a Cocobola nose. BEM base with a 3/4 in. Cocobola block. exotic brown lizard wrap. Decorative ringwork at A,B,C,D,and E. Several Upgrades (see below). Specs: Pin #30808 Butt 16.1oz Shaft #1 3.2oz 13mm un played Shaft...
  5. Pii

    Keith Josey cocobola cue for sale great price

    SOLD I need to help bail out the country so I'm selling this Josey. I got it from Doug at a great price and I'm passing it on This is an awesome playing 2007 Keith Josey cocobola cue that is like new. I did put a small dent by Josey's signature on the butt since I've had it. Nothing big just...
  6. Pii

    Nice Carmeli

    Carmeli 2006 Carmeli custom cue. Straight together and apart. Beautiful 6 pointer 3 hi, 3 low Bubinga points. Bubinga and ebony buttsleeve. Ebony forearm. This cue hits lights out. Both shafts are right at 12.8 mm silky smooth with Blackjack layered tips. Cue weighs 18.7 oz. This cue...
  7. Pii

    2nd Chance 2007 Brazilian Rosewood Sugartree Raffle

    Raffle is canceled
  8. Pii

    Bob Frey Becote Sneaky

    Nice Becote Sneaky from Bob Frey. The Beocte is amazing looking unfortunately I'm not a photographer or have a decent camera to show it properly. New condition only test hit Asking SOLD
  9. Pii

    Joe Callaluca/8 point SR8-A Blank conversion

    Joe Callaluca/8 point SR8-A Blank conversion Brand New 8 points full splice conversion by Joe Callaluca using one of Duc's SR8-A full splice blank. The cue has 8 points (4 high and 4 low) with 4 veneers (Black, Green, Black, Green) on the high points and (Black,Maple,Black) on the low point...
  10. Pii

    F/S Sugar Tree

    Sugar Tree SOLD As much as I hate to do this I have to sell something 99.5% Like new I've played with it maybe 3 hours total price SOLD Rosewood Ivory Joint Ivory Butt Plate Ivory & Rosewood Ring Work Shaft #1: 13mm 3.7 ozs Shaft #2: 13mm 3.8 ozs Butt Weighs 15.3 ozs3/8-10 Pin
  11. Pii

    1 in 42 for 29.00 for a Joe Callaluca/John Davis fullsplice conversion

    Well I hope I don't piss off people for this but I'm going to cancel already. Sorry hangemhigh I apologize. I was workking on a trade and had forgotten about it. Again Sorry
  12. Pii

    Who makes a high quality Sneaky?

    I'm interested in a high quality Sneaky? Who do you considered the best? Opinions welcomed! If you think you may have one I'm interested in post or PM me pics. I'm looking for something in the 19.5 to 20.5 onces and 13mm and under 400.00 unless you willing to work some sort of trade. I have...
  13. Pii

    Pool Christmas?

    I have a question. Tonight I?m waiting for the "cue of my dreams? and as I sit here contemplating its arrival in less than 12 hours I can hardly stand it. So in order to get it off my mind I decide to turn on the old TIVO and see what?s on. Well I couldn?t believe my eye but right there in...