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  1. MBL

    Jackie Gleason's Cue from The Hustler don't everyone pile on me at once. I'd like to see if anyone has some decent pics of Jackie Gleason's Rambow from the movie. The goal is to use my "not so good" example of a Willie Hoppe Professional cue, and convert it to be a close approximation. Kinda like that one if the pic...
  2. MBL

    Hoppe Professional Recommendations

    Ok so I have this Willie Hoppe Professional, it's not the greatest example. I would "like" to make it a player. So I had some preliminary ideas. Firstly, I like the idea of doing just enough of a conversion to make it like an early Rambow. The other thought was to keep it original and not mess...
  3. MBL

    What This Town Needs is a Pool Hall!

    Ok so, granted I'm recently getting back into the stroke of things. But this side of Tampa Bay is really thin on good options. Most halls seem to cater to the bar crowd. Eh, and I, like many of you on the board crave an old time room. Today I was walking around my town during lunch; it is...
  4. MBL

    Wanted Titlist Willie Hoppe one-piece

    Anyone out there willing to part with a uncut Willie Hoppe from the 40's? If so, I'd be interested at a fair price. Let me know whatcha got. You can send an e-mail to or PM me here on the board. Thanks Tim MBL
  5. MBL

    What Makes a Good Cue? A Great Cue?

    Alright, I've been reading quite a few posts from old threads etc. about cue preferences and values. This may be my ignorance, but I'm getting the idea that cue values are somewhat like the values of guitars. There is a collector value, and there is a functional value. A combination of the two...
  6. MBL

    Wanted Helmstetter 86-14 cue

    Howdy...some years ago, I parted with a Helmstetter 86-14 cue...and I kinda regret doing so, although, it did go to a good home. At any rate, I'd like to get one again. Here's some pics: Anyhoo, I know there have got to be some out there in decent condition. Let me know whatcha got. You...
  7. MBL

    Howdy. Intro and some musings.

    Howdy all. My name is Tim, and I’m new to the forum, so I figured I’d introduce myself. Such is usually customary on many boards. It’s been a loooong time since I’ve played a game of pool, but by most measures, I grew up in a pool hall. From about age 11 or 12, I was most often found at...